12 Tips to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

12 Tips to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

One of the major keys to having healthy hair is to always keep your curls moisturized. Our hair can naturally be dry due to the sebum produced by our scalp being unable to travel to the ends of the hair to moisturize them. Keeping your coils moisturized allows you to prevent knots, tangles, breakage and so many more hair inconveniences that will affect your hair goal.

Here are twelve tips to keep your hair moisturized:


The first step is to always keep your hair and scalp clean. 

Cleansing your hair will remove all of the product build-up, oil, and sebum that is sitting on your strands. For your cleansers, you can choose between our Miracle Clay 3N1 Wash and/or Non-Stripping Shampoo Bar. Both products work to thoroughly cleanse your hair without leaving it feeling dry, stripped, and prone to breakage. Once your curls are cleansed, it is easier for moisture to be absorbed into your hair when you reach the moisturization step in your hair regimen.


You should be deep conditioning your curls every 2-3 weeks without fail. Deep conditioners are specifically formulated with different oils, butter, and healthy fatty alcohols. They will penetrate the hair to provide it with intensive hydration to keep your curls moisturized. Our Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment is perfect for your hair. It contains kukui, babassu, and baobab oil that will restore and rejuvenate the health of your hair. After applying the treatment from root to tip, then let it sit for the maximum time of 20 minutes. Your hair will be feeling soft, smooth, and very moisturized.  


The LOC/LCO method is a moisturization technique that allows you to hydrate your hair, then seal it using oil and/or cream. The sealing prevents the hydration from your leaving your hair so that it stays moisturized longer. We have a line of products dedicated to providing moisture. There is a product for each letter in the LOC/LCO Method. The Leave-In Conditioner is infused with natural ingredients intended to provide intense moisture to smooth and seal the cuticles, soften, and strengthen each strand. Then, follow up with the Blessed Strands Elixir which is lightweight and contains a proprietary blend of oils to coat the hair shaft with. Then, the Moisturizing Cream will keep the driest of hair textures hydrated for longer. The natural ingredients are intended to provide intense moisture to smooth and seal the cuticles and soften each strand. This method will have you well on your way to long, strengthened, and healthier hair!


 Avoid stylers that contain alcohol and silicones. These ingredients are drying to  the hair as they prevent moisture from penetrating the hair. They create a glossy film over the hair shaft that gives the impression that the hair is moisturized. After 24 hours, your hair will feel dry and frizzy and need to be redone for the next day. The Strands of Faith Styling Custard and Twisting Butter are formulated with butter and beeswax which will provide the hold you need for your style. Each product has water as the first ingredient and oils which will hydrate and keep your hair moisturized throughout the life of your hairstyle. 


Every night you should be sleeping with satin protection for your coils. You can sleep with a satin cap, bonnet, pillowcases as well as sheets. The satin acts as a barrier as it prevents moisture from leaving your hair as you twist and turn throughout the night while you sleep. Also, it allows you to wear your hairstyles for longer as the satin protects your hair from frizzing, knotting, and tangling. If you are in the market for a bonnet, our embroidered 2N1 reversible charmeuse satin bonnet is perfect for you. You can adjust the bonnet to fit your head size as well as how high or low your hairstyle is. And the charmeuse satin has properties that will aid in moisture retention, prevention of hair loss, and minimization of tension and stress on the hair, scalp, and skin.


Hot oil treatments involve coating your hair with an oil that has been warmed up. Oils are rich in vitamins and minerals needed to nourish our hair. Once it is applied to the hair while it is ‘hot’, the nutrients are easily penetrating the hair shaft. Also, the oil aids in sealing the hair cuticles to prevent moisture from escaping the hair. As well as, protecting the hair strand and strengthening so that it is not easily prone to frizz breakage, and tangles.


Organic products are made with nourishing ingredients to refresh, rejuvenate, and renew the health of your textured hair consistently. At strands of faith, our products are free from toxic ingredients that are harmful to the health of textured hair. There are no silicones, sulfate, parabens, mineral/coconut oil, paraffin, and phthalates in our products. They are formulated with oils and butter that are rich in vitamins and minerals that your hair will love. As well as healthy fatty alcohols that will penetrate the hair to hydrate and keep your coils moisturized for longer. 


Steaming your hair works hand in hand with deep conditioning your hair. After applying your deep conditioner, place a steam cap or deep conditioning cap over your hair. The cap traps the air which causes the temperature to rise. The heat will cause the hair cuticles on the hair shaft to slightly open so that the deep conditioner can penetrate further into the hair shaft. So, you’re able to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your curls moisturized for longer.  


Low Manipulation styles as the name suggest are styles that require little to no maintenance. Once you unravel your twists for Monday, you don’t have to restyle your hair until Friday or until your next wash day. Also, your hair is still moisturized on days 3, 4, or 5 of rocking your hairstyle. Examples of low manipulation styles that you can wear are braid/twist-outs, wash and go, slick back ponytails, bun, and even perm rod sets. 


 You can also wear protective styles that require no daily maintenance. Protective styles should be worn for a maximum of 6 weeks if you are wearing braids, Marley twists, mini twists/braids, or crochet hair. However, if you are wearing a high or low bun, ensure to wash your hair every week. Protective styles keep your hands out of your hair. The consistent interaction with your hands and your hair can cause friction which will cause loss of moisture, frizz, and unnecessary breakage, knots, and tangles.


During the week as you go about your daily routine, you can spritz your hair with a refreshing spray. The spray will mist the hair with hydration that will attach to the hair shaft to be absorbed into it. The Strands of faith Conditioning Refresher Spray is a lightweight spray to spruce up and hydrate your curls at any given time. It was specifically formulated for Naturals who desire a spray that is not thin like water yet thick enough to provide the essential nutrients that their hair needs. This spray is the TRUTH!


And the final tip is to leave your hair alone.

You have done all the necessary steps in your hair regimen. As well as, using the correct products for your hair that will keep it moisturized. There should be no random touching or playing with your hair for an extended period or touching up your hairstyle when it needs not be. Just let your hair be. 

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