We all want the perfect twist out.

The results have to be juicy, defined, and shiny for all the world to see.

The steps to get the perfect twist out aren’t complex at all.

You need the right products that work well with your hair and the right technique.

Once you have mastered both, you’ll able to always have the perfect twist out.


Here are 4 steps to get the perfect twist out

1 - MOISTURIZE: Moisture, moisture, moisture.

Moisture is key if you want your twist out to look juicy and glowing all week. You have to moisturize your hair from root to tip prior to styling. Moisturizers will keep your hair hydrated for the duration of the hair style once you choose the right product. When looking for the perfect moisturizer for your twist out, you need one that is water-based.

A water-based moisturizer has water as the first ingredient, so the priority of the product is to hydrate your hair. Then, they are formulated with a wide variety of oils, butter, and good alcohols that aid in sealing the hydration, so your hair stays moisturized for longer. In addition, it softens and smooths the hair, so it is easier to manipulate to create the perfect twist out.

Our Strands of Faith Leave-in conditioner is water-based which is very important. As well as it is packed with fortifying ingredients to nourish every inch of your hair. It is formulated with aloe vera juice, cetearyl alcohol, and oils that will penetrate the cuticles to smooth and soften the cuticles with hydration. It is also rich in oils (babassu, kukui, and baobab) that all work together to keep this hydration locked in. The leave-in conditioner will make your textured hair easier to handle when you are styling in the next step.


1] Section your hair into 4 or 6

2] Apply the leave-in conditioner to each section

3] Work it in from tips to roots using a brush or the praying hand's method

4] A little goes a long way so don’t go overboard as you haven’t even applied the styler as yet

5] Twist each section or clip it away once you are completed


2 - CHOOSE THE RIGHT STYLER: Next, it’s time to choose the right styler.

You have to decide what type of twist out you want. Is it going to be fluffy, big, small, or extra defined? Once you know the results you want, you’ll able to choose the best styler to achieve it. If you want a more defined result, then you will have to go use a gel-like product that has a maximum hold. Or, if you want a fluffy result then you will use a cream-based styler. These stylers will provide a medium hold to give semi-defined results.


Defined Results: Strands of Faith Styling Custard

This custard was specifically formulated for your hair to highlight, hydrate, and hold your naturally coily/kinky/hair. It is infused with natural ingredients to provide your curls with well-needed hydration and shine as it is being styled. More importantly, it holds the coils/kinks/curl of your hair leaving you with a beautiful definition.

 Our styling custard contains sodium carbomer, carnauba wax, and beeswax which is the firm holding agent needed to keep your coils in place. These agents will not leave your hair dry once you unravel your twists. Also, it is rich in babassu oil, kukui nut oil, and shea butter which will seal the moisture into the hair so you’re able to wear your hairstyle longer.


Fluffy Results: Strands of Faith Twisting Butter

The twisting butter is thick but very creamy. A little goes a long way when you are applying it to you for twisting. It will provide semi-defined results especially if the right technique is used. However, your definition will not last as long as it would if you had used the custard. But your hair will still feel soft, smooth, and hydrated as you go throughout the week. It was specifically formulated for Naturals who have a hard time maintaining the moisture levels in their hair.

The twisting butter contains baobab oil which softens the hairs, so it is easier to detangle and manipulate for styling. Also, it contains kukui oil which restores moisture and imparts shine to your hair strands. As well as contains shea butter to seal the moisture and become the holding agent for your twist out.


3 - APPLY, SMOOTH, AND TWIST: It’s time to select your technique.

Some naturals prefer extremely rope-like twists while others may prefer looser twists. It depends on your preference as well as maintenance. The rope-like twisting technique will last longer as the hair strands are secured together tightly. As opposed to loose twists where your form of your curls is not prominent.

Styling: ROPE TWIST:

  1. Grab the two sections of hair that you will be twisting.

  2. Then, smooth each section with the product so that the hair lays flat.

  3. Next, criss-cross each section to the opposite side.

  4. Then, twirl each section separately

  5. Next, criss-cross the section to the opposite side

  6. Then, twirl each section separately,

  7. Continue until you have completed the twists for all sections of your hair.

This is what we call the rope technique. The twirling that you do in step four continues to smooth any frizz down as well as secure each layer of the twist in place. In the end, your twists will look and feel like a rope.



  1. Grab the two sections of hair that you will be twisting.

  2. Then, smooth each section with the product so that the hairs lay flat.

  3. Next, criss-cross each section to the opposite site

  4. Then, criss-cross again

  5. Continue until you have completed the twists for all sections of your hair.

This is the loose twists technique where you continue criss-cross each section to the opposite side to create the twist. It is easier to do as you don’t have to worry about trying to get it to look like a rope.

*While you are twisting, do consider how you want your hair to fall.  Do you want a side or middle part? If yes, you will have to section your hair during the twisting, so it falls to frame your face.



Then, it is time to let your hair dry 100%. We recommended letting your hair air dry as no heat will be obstructing how your hair naturally lays to dry. Understandably, air drying might take an enormous amount of time so it’s better to get started earlier. And only dry with heat if you need to. Once your hair has time to dry, the hair will conform to the twisting technique that you shape.

Once you unravel your twists, the results will be beautiful defined/loose twists that feel soft, smooth, and shiny.


Renee Moore
Renee Moore

Thank you for this post. I had never seen a print version of the actual preparation and steps for a twist-out. I prefer having this info in print rather than watching someone’s video.

Renee Moore
Renee Moore

Thank you for this post. I had never seen an actual step-by-step explanation of how to properly prepare the hair and do the twists [I prefer reading steps to watching somebody’s bathroom video].

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