5 Go to Styles for the TWA Stage

5 Go to Styles for the TWA Stage

So you’ve decided to do the big chop?

Congrats to you on this amazing journey. Keep it mind it’s called a journey for a reason! We call it a hair care journey because it’s full of up, downs, and exploring what works best for you. And if you’re here because you’ve decided on a big chop, that tells us you’re up for the challenge!

Depending on hair growth speed, within a few months you’ll likely to go from the shaved head look to a small afro that has a life of its own. We call this the TWA or the Teeny Weeny Afro. In this stage hair is about ½ an inch to 1 and a half inches long and resembles a small or short afro. 

We all get to the TWA stage- it’s a part of the process!  It can be a bit awkward for styling as it’s not quite short enough for the common shaved styles but not quite long enough for longer styles. Here are our top 5 styles for your TWA Stage. 

Get creative with accessories

This can be a great stage to experiment with accessories! Accessories can add a pop of color and a bit of personality to our go-to styles. Consider layering colorful skinny headbands, pearl hair clips, clips with phrases, or a nicely placed bow. It all depends on what vibe you’re feeling that day and of course whatever compliments your outfit.  

Finger coils

Fun, fast, and super cute. One of the wonders of the TWA stage is the short amount of time you need for styles. Finger coils can be done by applying your holding product of choice- ours is the top selling Styling Custard by Strands of Faith. This style also can last up to a few weeks!

Finger waves

An oldie but a goodie! If you haven’t heard, finger waves are back with a vengeance. The sleekness of the style gives it an elegant and stylish look. Perfect for any season and can be achieved by applying a bit of Styling custard by Strands of Faith. This style can take a bit of time to perfect so have patience with yourself while learning

Blow out or Afro 

Take your TWA to the next level with a blow out. More often known as the standard afro, this style is bold and fun. By using a hair pic or blow dryer you can get the maximum length out of your fro. Afros have been taking center stage for kinky coily hair for decades, so give it a try!

Hair Wraps

These are great at any stage of your hair journey. They save you the trouble of styling and can add a lot to your outfit as well. Remember that with head wraps, it’s important to keep your hair moisturized underneath. If your head wrap or turban are not satin-lined, then the material could potentially strip your hair of moisture. Be sure to spritz your hair with a Conditioning Refresher Spray to keep it soft and moisturized. 


Want more styling products for any stage of your journey? Check out the full line of products and bundle deals from Strands of Faith. 

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