Battle of The Conditioner: Which is Best For Your Natural Hair?

Battle of The Conditioner: Which is Best For Your Natural Hair?

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If you’re like me, I bet you are wondering why we have 3 different forms of conditioners: the leave-in, co-wash, and deep. All three of them serve a main purpose which is to provide our hair with the moisture that it needs. However, each of the conditioners provides the hair with other key benefits than just moisture. All of them play their part in our wash day routine by allowing us to have completely healthy hair.

All three different conditioners are manufactured and sold by Strands of Faith.

Let’s see how each one contributes to the health of your hair:


 Cleansing Co-Wash:

 Our cleansing co-wash is a shampoo and conditioner in one. It is a gentle cleanser for your scalp, nourishes your hair strands with moisture and aids in removing tangles. It is perfect for you if you don’t like to shampoo your hair frequently. As well as, if you are always active on land or in the water. It will cleanse your hair of any dirt without giving it the stripping feeling.

  The conditioner’s key ingredients are the Babassu oil, Kukui oil, and Baobab oil. The Babassu oil aids in softening the hair to make detangling and penetration of moisture easier. The kukui oil has linoleic acid which is effective in restoring moisture into our parched curls while imparting sheen. Finally, the Babassu oil has antimicrobial properties, therefore, encouraging our scalp to function effectively by reducing or removing free radicals which cause most of our scalp issues. It also contains aloe vera juice which provides the hair with the moisture and sheen that it needs. The slippery elm and Cetearyl alcohol provide the conditioner with the “slip” that we love to aid in detangling our tresses. 

 You should apply a good enough amount to each section of your hair once it is saturated under the water. Then, work it in using the praying hands' method, your Denman brush, or tangle teezer to ensure that the product evenly coats your strands. Also, with the aid of the tool, you will be removing any tangles or knots from your hair. Next, you would massage your scalp to remove the dirt as well as promote hair growth. Then, thoroughly rinse your hair.


 Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment:

 We previously discussed the importance of deep conditioning your tresses, in a similar post. After we cleanse and condition our hair, it is time to deep condition using Strands of Faith Intense Deep Conditioner Treatment. Deep Conditioning is a crucial step within our natural hair routine because it fortifies our hair strands for the duration of the style. In addition, it provides moisture, shine and strength in order to improve your hair’s length and moisture.

 The deep treatment is manufactured with Babassu oil which promotes less breakage and smoother ends. In addition, it contains Kukui oil which restores moisture loss into your hair strands while providing your curls with the gloss needed. Also, it contains Jojoba and Castor oil which are great oils needed to improve the overall health of the scalp. As well as,, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Shea and Cocoa Butter which will keep your hair strands fortified for days to come. Lastly, it contains Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol which are the detangling agents that provide the deep conditioner with the slip needed for you to effectively remove the knots and tangles from your hair if you so desire.

 The deep conditioner was formulated for the naturals who need to increase their moisture levels right after shampooing or co-washing their hair. You would apply a decent size amount to your tresses using the praying hands' method. This method allows every strand of hair to be coated with the deep conditioner. You can also allow it to evenly distribute using a detangling brush or comb. Then, you would let it sit for no less than 20 minutes using a steam cap, hair steamer or hot head deep conditioner. The time period allows time for the heat to be created beneath the cap or bag. It will lift the cuticle layers so that the minerals seep into the hair strands. Then, you should rinse thoroughly. Finally, for the best results, your hair should be deep conditioned every week.


 Leave-In Conditioner:

 The last of the conditioners is the leave-in conditioner. Based on the name you can tell what it’s used for in our hair regimen. This conditioner should be applied to the hair and left in. No need to rinse it out because it provides the moisture that you would need prior to styling your hair. In addition, the moisture provided will stay in your hair strands for a long time until your next wash day or a refresher for your hairstyle.

We created our leave-in conditioner with natural ingredients that will provide moisture to our parched strands. In addition, it prevents that same moisture from leaving our hair and going back into the environment. Our curls always need to stay hydrated in order to continue on its healthy train. Also, the leave-in conditioner will smooth and seal the cuticle layer to prevent moisture from leaving our hair strands. Thus, reducing frizz, breakage and even single strand knots. Finally, it makes your

hair more pliable because of the Behentrimonium methosulfate within it. This agent aids in making the hair softer to detangle as well as style.

Product application is very simple and easy. You would section your hair into 2 or 6 parts depending on your preference. Then, apply a pump to each section of your hair and work it in using the praying hands' method. Or, you can spread the product so that it evenly coats the strands using your Denman brush. Once each strand is fully coated, proceed to styling your natural hair.

As you can see each conditioner serves similar yet different purposes for our hair. And, all have been made by strands of faith using natural ingredients to bring your crown to an optimally healthy state. We created our products with the health of your hair in mind as the ultimate goal. All of our products are made with certified organic ingredients and as such certain ingredients are not included in any of our products. It is free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, silicones, petroleum, and phthalates which do more harm to the hair than good.

Now that we know all of that, which product are you excited to try?


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Kimberly Schildt
Kimberly Schildt

I have bleached,very curly,frizzy,waist length dry hair. It’s probe to knotting each stand and tangling enmass and a nightmare to wash and condition.
I am still happy to have it! I lost nearly all of it due to illness in my 20’s and it didn’t start to grow back until I was around 36! My husband loves my hair and I will let it grow as long as it will. I just wish I could get it back to that lush,wavy silkiness that it was. Instead of the cotton ball frizz it is!😩
I’d love to try your line,but am not financially able at this point in time. My health is not at 100% and it’s sketchy at best.
Thank You.

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