Better Hair Habits in 2022

Better Hair Habits in 2022

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We are so excited to have so many blessing after these first few months of 2022. So many new Faith Tribers and our OGs as well plus a new member to our Founder's family! Each year we are hoping to reach new levels of providing quality products for our customers. We know that each of us has our own hair goals for the year as well. But in order to reach new goals we have to make new habits! Consistency is key when it comes to hair health and maintenance. We would love for all of you to join us in our commitment for the year or even make your own! 

Things we are committing to this year for better hair health and hair habits:

Drinking more water- This first one is for your hair and your health. Hair hydration starts from the inside! If you’re suffering from dry hair or dry skin, it is always a good idea to up your water intake. Water helps the body function as it should and a healthy body is more able to produce healthy hair!

Taking our vitamins- On that same note, our bodies need proper nutrients to perform optimally. Many of our diets are lacking key nutrients that our hair needs to flourish. We suggest investing in vitamins that help provide nutrients that your hair is missing. Be sure to look for vitamins that are designed to promote hair strength, elasticity, shine, and growth. 

Never sleeping without our bonnets- We totally get it- You’re finally home, exhausted from a long day and all you want to do is plop your head on your pillow. Don’t do it! You’ve worked so hard to moisturize your hair the last thing you want is to have it dry out or cause unnecessary friction from your pillowcase. A pro tip is to have two bonnets just in case. Be sure to keep one on your night table for quick access. Adjustable bans will also ensure that your bonnet doesn’t fall off at night!


Moisturizing our hair- This year we are committed to moisture. Dry hair is hair that is not flourishing. We are saying goodbye to breakage, goodbye to brittleness, goodbye to shedding, and goodbye to dryness. Commit to moisturizing your hair as it needs. Choose an interval that works for you and stick with it. 

Gentle detangling- We all remember the tears we felt as our parent’s detangled our hair as children. Well it’s time to level up. This year we are welcoming gentle detangling to be good to ourselves, our scalp, and our hair. Try spritzing your hair with a bit of water and/or adding a product to help detangle, such as a leave-in conditioner or our 3-in-1 Miracle Clay to make detangling a breeze. 

Nourishing our scalps- As we all work towards our own goals for hair health, they all start with the scalp. If we want healthy hair, or long hair, or strong hair we need to make sure to create a hospitable environment at the scalp. Being sure the scalp is hydrated with water (inside and out) is  great. It may also help to add a nourishing scalp oil to help the area thrive. 

Tension freestyling/low tension styling- As much as we love a cute braided style or top bun this year we want to focus on low tension styling. We are reclaiming our edges! Many styles can cause unnecessary tension on the scalp and edges. Looser styles allow hair to relax and thrive as it should. Check out our Instagram page for more ideas!

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