Breakage is when your hair is being broken along the hair shaft instead of at the root.

You may notice breakage when you are combing your hair in the bathroom as your strands fall to the bathroom sink or on the floor. Breakage occurs due to excessive manipulation, your kinks being dry, or your hair being weak.

Your hair is in a vulnerable state as it is being manipulated so if it is pulled on too tightly, then it will snap. Breakage affects your length retention as you are losing the length of your hair. In addition, it contributes to the unevenness of your hair as your hair will have many unwanted layers. If your hair begins to break, you should be trying to determine what is causing the breakage.


Shedding is when your hair falls from the hair shaft/follicles. If you look at your hair and they have a bulb at either end, then your hair is shedding. If not, then you are experiencing breakage which we mentioned above. Shedding is a normal part of your hair growth journey.

As your hair goes through the different phases of the hair cycle, it will shed more often than others. Shedding happens as your hair gets older, your follicles become weaker, and hormones or your hair is responding to the changes in the environment. There is not always a clear-cut reason that can be determined.




Since breakage is not a normal response, you have to determine why your hair is breaking. If it is dry, then you need to moisture more or seal in the moisture, so it has no way of escaping. Or, if your hair is weak then you will need to apply protein-rich product to build your protective layer back. And if you can determine what is causing it then there is a one-product solution for it all. Deep condition your hair with strands of faith-intensive deep conditioner treatment on a weekly basis.


Remember shedding is a normal part of your hair growth cycle. However, there is a point when your hair can be shedding excessively when it becomes abnormal. Examples of uncontrollable shedding are post-partum shedding. Refer to our blog post on post-partum hair loss to understand how the hormone levels will affect you. With shedding, your hair follicles are letting go of the hair as they are unable to hold unto it. The best way to reduce hair shedding is by nourishing the scalp. The scalp needs all of the nutrients to strengthen the hair follicles to promote hair growth.




Our intense deep conditioning treatment  is exactly what your hair needs during this rough time. For only $22, you can receive an 8oz jar filled with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients needed to rejuvenate your hair from the inside out. The deep conditioner is balanced your hair’s PH by providing it with a blend of moisture and protein that will moisturize and strengthen your hair from the inside out.

This Deep Conditioner was specifically formulated for textured strands. It leaves the hair soft, hydrated, strong, and moisturized and sets the stage for a nice healthy head of hair before styling. The deep conditioner's formulation balances your ph using natural ingredients. There is no mineral oil, silicones, or mineral oil in it. It contains babassu oil which has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and will promote less breakage and smoother ends. The kukui oil formulated is very effective in restoring your hair to its glory days. And the baobab oil work to improve the elasticity of your hair with the saturated fats that are able to penetrate the hair shaft.

Since you are experiencing breakage, you want to ensure that every inch of your hair is covered when you are applying this treatment. You should apply to the sections of your hair whether 4, 6, or 8 depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Then, dampen the hair so the product is better able to absorb into the hair shaft. Apply evenly from tips to root using the praying hands method so the product coats each strand in the clump of curls. For the area where your hair is breaking the most, do add an extra layer of the treatment there. Then, twist the section once you are complete so the treatment can begin to work. Apply your steam cap once all of your sections are done and wait 20 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly with cool water to feel your hair feeling soft, strong, and healthy.



Since you are experiencing shedding, your scalp needs as many nutrients as possible. Our Blessed strands elixir is perfect to bless your follicles, so it is is able to promote more hair growth. This Blessed Strands Elixir will encourage faster, thicker, and healthy hair growth. It is a combination of proprietary blends that your scalp will love. It is infused with herbs which makes the earlier even more potent. Before applying to your hair, ensure to let it settle.

The elixir contains key ingredients such as Chebe powder, pomegranate oil, hibiscus oil, and flaxseed oil. Chebe powder is used to allow you to retain length as your hair starts to grow faster. Pomegranate oil contains anti-microbial properties that are able to soothe an inflamed scalp. It helps to stimulate the scalp to reduce itchiness, hair loss, and other scalp issues. Hibiscus oil is rich in vitamin c which is known to cause hair loss if your body lacks it. Also, it will revive weak and dormant hair follicles so your hair can grow in quantity. And flaxseed oil is rich in vitamin e which our scalp needs. Vitamin e is rich in antioxidants which aid in relieving the scalp of dandruff, itches, and shedding.

You can easily apply the elixir to your hair regimen as its use is no longer than 5 minutes. It should be used every other day and applied to the scalp directly. Then, massage the elixir into your scalp to promote blood circulation. With more blood flow, your scalp is able to absorb more nutrients from the elixir which is needed to repair your hair shaft.

Now that you know the difference. Share your experience with us.

Let us know what product you use for your hair when you are experiencing breakage and shedding.

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