Hair Tools That Every Naturalista Should Have

Hair Tools That Every Naturalista Should Have

On our way to our healthy hair journey we are going to need tools to help us get there quickly. There is only so much that our hands can do. Each tool helps us to retain length and moisture by preventing breakage, single strand knots, and even split ends. All of these tools that we recommend are very affordable and get the job done efficiently. Each tool is all under $50.00. So no need to break the bank while trying to take care of your natural hair.


Here are 11 tools you need on your natural hair journey: 

 Wide Tooth Comb - The only comb that should be used in your hair is the wide-tooth comb. This comb allows us to detangle our hair easily without breaking or pulling on our hair especially at the roots. The comb is able to glide through the clumps of hair and pull apart knots. On the other hand, a regular comb will wreak havoc because there will be many teeth going into the clump of the hair strand and trying to detangle it as well which will cause the pulling or tearing that we are trying to avoid. Please remember to detangle from the tips, then work your way up. In addition, the comb can be used to evenly spread the product so that it coats each strand.

Strands of Faith: Styling Detangling Brush - This brush is as the name suggests a great detangler for our hair. It is perfect for any type 4 natural whether your hair is kinky, coily or curly. The design of the teeth being so close together and short aids in removing any knots and tangles in our hair. Also, it serves other purposes similar to the wide-tooth comb. It evenly coats our hair strand with the product whether it is a conditioner, deep conditioner, moisturizer or even styler. And finally, it enhances our natural curl pattern by allowing the curls to clump together and create perfect ringlets.

Denman Brush - The Denman brush is key in enhancing our natural curl pattern. Hence, the tools can be used in conjunction with your different stylers for your wash and go. The teeth of the brush are angled to enhance the natural curl pattern.  Also, it can replace your wide-tooth comb and be used to detangle your curls and spread the product evenly throughout your hair.

Boar Bristle Brush - This brush is great for slick backed looks. There will be days when our wash and gos or braid/twist outs are worn out and need to be placed into a slicked high or low bun. Or, we have to place our hair in a slicked-back style for our next style. The boar bristle allows you to achieve any slicked back look with the help of gel. You would apply the gel and brush it into layaway the flyaways, and frizz for the "slicked back".

Strands of Faith: Lime & Green Embroidered Reversible Bonnet - Our bonnets are made with "charmeuse satin". This type of satin improves moisture retention, prevents hair loss, minimizes tension on your hairline and so much more. Thus, allowing your hair to achieve the healthy hair that you so desire because your hair is protected at night. Also, no need to continuously buy cheap silk/satin materials that are doing more harm than good for your hair. The bonnet is large which is great if you wear protective styles such as wig, braids, or twists because it can cover all of it. Our bonnet is handmade with quality materials to serve you for a lot of years. It is priced at $40.00 but it is worth every dollar. Consider it a long term investment in the health of your hair.

Satin Scarf - Satin as previously mentioned allows us to retain moisture. Moisture is needed since our hair strands are naturally dry and it improves length retention. As well as, preserve the hairstyles that you worked so hard to do on wash days. Dry hair usually breaks off, frizzes out and causes knots. You would tie your hair down at night with a satin scarf. This will create a barrier between your hair and the cotton pillowcases/sheets. Cotton takes away the moisture from our hair so we need to protect it.

 Mirror - I know you're wondering why this is on the list. A mirror allows you to see what you are working with. You can see the knots and tangles. As well as, if the shampoo or deep conditioner is not properly rinsed out. As well as, it aids in detangling because you are able to see the health of your hair. Hence, a mirror is needed on wash days. You can purchase a small mirror that is able to stick to the shower wall.

Spray Bottle - A spray bottle is needed to spritz our hair with water. We may need to moisturizer our hair or get our hair prepped for a style. Spritzing it with water allows the h2o molecules to evenly coat each strand. Then, you can effectively moisturize using your moisturizer or the LCO/LOC method. Also, the water makes your hair more pliable for your next style. Hence, the hair is softened so that it is easier to manage when styling.

Applicator Bottle - Applicator bottles can be used to apply oils to our scalp and hair. The bottle has a cone-like top with a small hole. The top is able to reach into areas of our scalp that our fingers could not have reached. Thus, the scalp is evenly coated with our hands. In addition, it reduces the mess that would be caused by us if we were to use a small bottle of oil and our fingers.

Crocodile Hair Clips - This tool is used to section our hair on wash days. As our hair gets longer, we have to section it in order to effectively cleanse, condition, moisture and even style. The crocodile clips were designed to not wreak havoc on your hair as with other clips. They are double-hinged claws which allow them to section the hair without leaving the dent that other clips would. Sometimes the dent may even be difficult to remove or have ruined your hairstyle. Also, the clips do not snag when they are removed from the section. It clips and unclips from our hair shaft seamlessly regardless of the length and thickness of your hair. As well as, it doesn't create any unnecessary tangles between the teeth of the clip and our hair strands.  Finally, it does not rust, scrape you, or leaves the painted flakes from the clips.

 Deep Conditioning Cap: The deep conditioning cap as the name suggests is the steam cap that you would use when deep conditioning your tresses. The cap is insulated in order to create and trap the heat. The heat will open the cuticle layers so that the deep conditioner can penetrate the hair strands and impart the fortifying ingredients. You can also use a shower cap or a steam bag to get the job done as well.

 Let us know in the comments which hair tools you use in your natural hair journey!

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