Heat Free Ways To Stretch Your Hair

Ameka Coleman


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Being a naturalista has its perks. Yeah, your hair looks really good most days, bouncy curls and all, but there are days when the shrinkage comes to visit and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Instead of using a flattening iron to make your hair look longer or a blow dryer to increase its volume (which will only damage your mane in the long run), use these heat free ways to stretch your hair and achieve even better results. Many people believe that a woman’s hair is her crown of glory, so here are a few ways to sport your crown without causing unnecessary damage. Own it and build your throne around it using the following heat free ways:

  • Banding
  • Threading
  • Braid out
  • Twist out


This could be done if you want longer curls or fuller hair. You will need hair ties for this, lots of them. Simply section your hair (4-8 sections will do), use the hair ties to secure your sectioned hair all the way down. Keep in mind that the more bands used, the longer the hair. You may decide to leave the tips if it was already curly or tie it down for the full effect. Do this at night and take it down in the morning, comb and style as pleased. You will absolutely love the results.


This technique is of African roots but all have come to benefit from it. Just like banding, you will need to section your hair but into lots of mini sections. Next, with the use of a thread, wrap and secure the roots first, then use the remaining thread to wrap the sectioned hair all the way down. Tie the end to secure. Wear this all night and take it down in the morning. Clip the threads loose with scissors or finger nail clippers to release.  Use a comb or your hands to unravel the sections and look at the glory of your hair.

Braid out

This routine is very easy but can be time consuming. You will need to braid your entire hair from start to finish using nothing but your hands and a sectioning comb. You may add moisturizers but to obtain lasting results, you should wear these braids for a day or two. Then take it down and say hello to a lustrous stretched hair.

Twist out

This could either be single twisting your entire hair or doing the flat twists, either way will result in amazing results. For the flat twist out, section the hair into long rectangles and twist accordingly. These look like twisted cornrows when done. For the normal twist out, the hair is sectioned into little squares like the braid out and twisted all the way down. Once you take this down, your hair looks full, curled, and ready to style.

Flattening irons and blow dryers are effective and ok when they are used in moderation but to prevent heat damage instead use the above methods as heat free ways to stretch your beautiful tresses, you can get the most effective results for your hair by using these techniques.


Let us know if these work for you! Happy Styling! :)

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