High Porosity Hair

High Porosity Hair

If you’ve been in the natural hair community for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the terms low porosity and high porosity in regards to hair. The difference in these can highly influence how our hair best receives moisture. Not sure of your hair porosity? There are tons of resources online but you can also check out more information in our ebook. Today we’ll cover some important information regarding high-porosity hair. 

High porosity hair describes hair that is very porous and typically has more open cuticles along the hair strands. This type of hair can occur naturally or can be the result of chemical processing such as dying or bleaching. Either way, there are specific ways to care for it. 

Tell-tale signs of high porosity hair are the following: 

  • Air-dries quickly
  • Prone to dryness
  • Prone to frizz
  • Often looks dull
  • Tangles easily
  • Looses moisture quickly

Unlike normal or low-porosity hair, those with high porosity hair do not have trouble with moisture penetrating the cuticle as they are already open/lifted. The more open cuticles allow moisture and hydration to quickly enter and nurture the hair. However, due to this, moisture and hydration can also leave the hair just as fast. This contributes to high-porosity hair typically needing less time to dry but also the frizz that often follows. 

A deep conditioning treatment can be a great way to help restore moisture balance, repair hair, and soothe the hair when washing. In the long run- this can help combat the dull appearance often associated with high porosity hair. Be sure to check the ingredients of your deep conditioner and find a deep conditioning interval that works well for you. 

When it comes to caring for high porosity hair it is important to preserve hydration by locking in moisture with quality products. Heavier hair butters are typically a good call. These will help the hair to retain moisture for longer post-wash. Whereas lighter products may not do the trick. You may find yourself needing to refresh with moisture products every few days. So be sure to pick up ones that are made for moisture retention. 

Sealing with a heavy oil is also a great idea. Oils are natural sealants and helpto lock in the moisture you’ve given your hair. Oils can also provide nurturing benefits to the hair and scalp but be sure not to skip the moisture and hydration steps first. 

When it comes to curly, kinky, and coily hair, there are tons of ways to care for and learn about your hair. We are committed to providing you with resources while we celebrate the variety of hair textures in our community. If you have high porosity hair and are looking for products that will work for you, we invite you to check out our High Porosity Bundle by Strands of Faith. This can be your first step to a happy and healthy hair journey.

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