Heat damage is a problem that many naturals face. This can occur after using heat one time or using heat consistently in your regimens. The thermal temperatures will break down the protective layer of your hair strand. Once it is damaged, then your hair is susceptible to breakage, knots, tangles, split ends, and even fairy knots. All of these will affect your hair goals especially when it comes to length. They all affect your ability to retain the length. The best way to avoid all of this is by preventing it.


 Preventing heat damage can be done in these 4 ways:

1 - Moisturize your hair: -

You do not want your coils to be dry when you are heat styling. This is asking for problems as your hair is in a vulnerable state and going into an even more vulnerable state. The heat will penetrate the hair shaft easier and quicker. Moisturisation will act as a barrier between your hair and the extremely high heat of your styling tools. 

You should be moisturizing your hair right before you heat styling. And the best way is by using the LOC Method. The LCO method makes the hydration be sealed into your hair through the use of layering liquid, oil, and cream in a particular way. The liquid will hydrate the hair from the inside out. Then, the oil in the cream will seal in the hydration so it is not able to escape.

 Our Ultimate Moisture Bundle is perfect to keep your hair moisturized. The bundle includes our Leave-In Conditioner, Twisting Butter, and Moisturising Cream. Our leave-it is water-based and formulated with aloe vera juice to hydrate your hair from the inside out. And you are able to choose between using butter or cream for the C in the LCO Method. Both products have been proven to keep your kinks moisturized for longer. It is perfect if you plan to heat style your hair so it lasts 5 days or more. And for our oil, you can purchase our sealing oil for an affordable price of $20. The sealing oil contains a premium blend of oils such as soybean, sweet almond, castor, kukui, and vitamin E. All oils are rich in minerals that will lock in the moisture for longer. 

 If you are doing the LOC method, your hair will be damp. So, it is best to air dry your hair before you blow dry your hair. If you immediately blow dryer, then all of the work that you have applied to your hair with the LOC method may have been a waste of time. You have to let the nutrients from each product penetrate the hair to get the job done.


2 - Use Heat protectant: -

No one can convince everyone to avoid heat styling at all costs. So, if you must use heat, then protect your hair using a heat protectant. Heat protectants add an extra layer to your hair strands to boost your protective layer. Also, it is one more layer for the heat to penetrate to get to the innermost area of your hair.

There are multiple heat protectants on the market, so you have to find one suited for your hair. Also, you have to conduct a thorough research by reading reviews and watching youtube videos of a person’s experience. 

Once you find a heat protectant, ensure to follow the instructions when applying. Brands do spend time curating clear instructions on their product, so you know exactly what to do. Do not drench your hair in the heat protectant because you want as much protection as possible as that is not how the products are formulated to use a lot at once.

3 - Avoid all forms of heat styling: -

Our hair strands are made up of 90% protein. The protein layer can be affected through consistent manipulation, chemicals, and thermal. Thermal is the most damaging as once the heat touches the hair it can cause your hair to burn. And if you use it consistently, the entire protective layer will be broken down, so your hair does not curl as it use to as your elasticity is gone.

To prevent heat damage, you should avoid heat styling altogether. Avoiding it is best, as you do not have to worry about your hair being damaged or burned. Heat styling includes using a flat iron, blow dryer (on hot air), and a curling iron. All of these tools can go up to high heat which will destroy your hair in the long run and it is not protected throughout its use.

 We understand that this may be difficult to do as you want to create those heat styled looks without the ‘heat.’ There is not a way to get your silky/bone straight without heat. However, your hair can be styled to create sleek curls using curl formers, perm rod sets, Flexi rods, and foaming mousse. 


4 - Deep Condition your hair:

 Many naturals have credited consistent deep conditioning for minimizing their heat damage. This can be done if your deep conditioner is formulated with the right ingredients that work for your hair type. 

You are looking for a deep conditioner with organic ingredients such as shea butter and babassu oil. These ingredients can penetrate the hair shaft to nourish your hair from the inside out. In addition, they have healing properties to restore the hair’s elasticity.

Elasticity is how quickly your hair returns to its natural form and shape. With heat styling, your hair may take longer than it normally does. With deep conditioning, you are able to rejuvenate the hair so it can function as it should.

Our Strands of faith Intensive deep conditioning treatment is perfect for your hair before heat styling. Not only does it hydrate and moisturize, but it will also revitalize your hair so that it can be and stay healthy. This Deep Conditioner was specifically formulated for textured strands that need to up their moisture levels. It leaves the hair soft, hydrated, and moisturized and sets the stage for a nice healthy head of hair before styling.

When applying you should distribute evenly from root to end. Then let it sit for 20 minutes with your steam cap on. For more intensity, you can even use a hair streamer. Finally, rinse with cool water to seal the hair shaft and add shine.


5. Let a professional do it

If you do not know what you are doing, then you can let the professionals do it. Some may be skeptical as they have been burned by hair stylists (literally). However, there are ways you can combat it by doing your research. You have to find salons that cater to textured hair. Look at their reviews where naturals are speaking about how they were treated, and how their hair was taken care of. And more importantly, how long does the heat style last as it may have been short which is not what you want. 

Heat styling is not recommended because of the dangers it has on your hair. However, we cannot stop you from not using heat. The best way is to prevent it by following the tips above. Let us know which tip you will be using. :)

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