Nightly Routine

Nightly Routine

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If you’re in the natural hair community, you’ve more than likely run into the dreaded task of sleeping on natural hair. If you’re not sure what we mean, let us paint a picture for you.

You’ve just taken down your twists and have achieved an incredible twist out look by using Strands of Faith’s Twisting Butter. You love it. Everyone is complimenting you on your hair and you take a ton of selfies- have to document the look! Then, 9 pm rolls around and it’s time to go to bed. You panic, how will I wrap/tie up my hair so that my twist out looks incredible tomorrow as well?

 Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite ways to get your hair ready for bed. 

Wrapping your Hair

If your hair is blown out or straightened, nothing is as tried and true as wrapping your hair. It is as simple as brushing your hair in a circular motion 


This is one of the most common ways to take care of your hair before bed. The pineapple method consists of gathering the hair into a loose ponytail on top of the head. The shape will resemble a pineapple. This method helps retain your curls by not flattening them. It also helps maintain volume for the next day. By placing a bonnet or scarf on top, you are also ensuring that moisture isn’t been stripped at night.


Pineapple variation

Some of us might not be quite at the length for a full pineapple ponytail. Or some of us with thicker textures may find it hard to gather hair into that form. We recommend trying a pineapple variation. This can be two small ponytails on either side of the head or one up top with one below. Which ever shape works best for your hair that does not require much pulling or brushing. Be sure to cover with a scarf after. 

Your bonnet

What you sleep on is super important. As curly hair is naturally more prone to breakage, we do not need anything taking away our much-needed moisture. Pillowcases, sheets, and even car seats are known for drying out our hair and causing breakage when we rub against them. Consider investing in a high-quality, adjustable bonnet to cover your hair or a satin pillowcase. 

Refreshing your hair in the AM.

Depending on your current hairstyle you may find you need to “refresh” your hair every once in a while. Adding a boost of moisture is a great way to stretch out a style and be good to your hair. Strands of Faith has formulated a Conditioning refresher Spray for this occasion. Simply spray as desired on your braids, twists, wash and go, afro and you’re good to go. If you’re wanting to nourish your scalp feel free to add a few drops of the Blessed Strands Elixir as well. 

Learning to love the change/Learning to live with the imperfect. There is a notion in the curly and natural hair community that your hair needs to look amazingly defined and shiny every single day. The truth is, this is a pretty unrealistic standard. Your twist out will look great the next day, but it won’t be exactly the same as the day before. As the days go on, it’s okay that your style (whatever it may be) will begin to change, be less defined, less shiny, puffier- and that’s okay! It’s normal and it’s important to love the process. Find beauty in each day if a style and embrace the changes.

1 comment

Williams-Neals Debra
Williams-Neals Debra

Feel so much better about my hair after reading the nightly process. Thought I was doing it wrong because by day 3 , the style was tacky(LOL). If only I can get over the shedding. Not sure if it’s normal. I think I’ll search for blogs about this topic. Thank you again for easing my mind on the nightly process.

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