No One-Size-Fit-All

No One-Size-Fit-All


Here at Strands of Faith, we are on a mission to uplift and celebrate all hair types. We are aware of trends and years of cultural socialization that paints certain hair types as undesirable. Hair that is kinky or tightly coiled is often seen as difficult to work with, not beautiful, or “bad” hair. This is simply not true. Hair does not need to be a loose wave, long, straightened, always shiny, or perfectly defined in order to be beautiful. Today we are addressing a trend we see often in natural hair spaces: The one-size-fits-all.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hair care. In a nutshell, just because something works for one person, does not mean it will work for the next. 

As children, our parents do our hair the very best they know how. Naturally, many will start with techniques and products that work on their own hair since that is what they know best. However, as we get age, it is important to explore what truly works best for our hair. Although we come from our parents, our hair might have some nuances that theirs may not have. 

People in the same family can have small variances in hair or even large differences. Parents, children, and siblings could need different routines and products. 


This brings us to our hair gurus and influencers. How many times have we google searched our hair type hoping to see videos of how to wash and style our hair? Our hands are definitely up!

While these videos can be incredibly helpful guides, especially when starting out, they should not be our one and only go-to. Use videos and guides as a jumping-off point to explore what works for you. 

A person could have the same hair texture, pattern, and porosity as you, use the same products and you all could still get different results. We’ve heard so many stories of folks being discouraged because their hair did not turn out how they wanted or is not behaving as they expected. 

Stop being hard on yourself! It’s called a hair journey for a reason! 

Each persons’ hair is extremely complex and unique. This is due to our genetic makeup, environment, diets, stages in life, weather, and more. Your hair is unique! Just like you.  So it’s time we start treating it as such!

One of the best ways to discover what works for your hair is through trial and error. Taking the time to experiment with products, styles, and wash routines will all pay off in the end. We know it can be frustrating to try things and they do not work out the way you’d want. But have patience with yourself and your hair will thank you for it. 

Try doing sample packs and samples of new products to start off. This is a great way to see how your hair reacts to a product before investing in larger sizes. That way you won’t have a cabinet full of products you’re not using.  

A recommended time frame for a new regiment is about 3 months. Sticking to a new product or routine for 3 months give you and your hair time to adjust and assess if this is something you want to continue with. However, if you experience negative results or irritation it’s important to immediately stop use of that product.

If you are looking for some great universal great tips to get started, we recommend grabbing Strands of Faith CEO, Ameka Coleman’s, ebook. While we can learn from others and we suggest using these as starting points and customize it to fit you. Best of luck on your journey.

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