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Have you ever wondered why even after slathering tons of coconut oil on your hair, it is still dry?

Maybe you prefer to use Argan or Olive Oil but the results are still the same: dry, brittle, and lifeless hair.

That’s because the purpose of oils are for sealing in moisture and not hydrating the hair. Imagine it this way, oil creates a barrier around your hair to stop water and nutrients from leaking out. However, if you don’t put any moisture on first, you lock the moisture out so it can’t penetrate the strands leaving you with the issues stated above.

The way to tackle this is to use the LOC/LCO method. After washing your hair, you should be using the proper products to make sure that you hair is thoroughly moisturized. 

L - This is for your liquid and is made up of a water-based products such as a water or a leave in conditioner.

For this step, we have two amazing products for you to choose from:

Leave in conditioner- MOISTURE: Loaded with ingredients to nourish, moisturize, and hydrate the strands to healthier hair.

Conditioning refresher spray - DAILY REFRESHER: Can be used daily the hydrate hair without buildup.

C - Using a cream based product is a great option for this step. If you have super dry or very kinky hair you might want to add another heavier product for styling which will give you more hold.

For this step, we have two amazing products for you to choose from:

 Twisting butter- Filled with organic oils and butters, it does a great job at sealing in the intense moisture. It is better suited for naturals with thick hair or hair that can withstand a lot of oils and butters.

 Moisturizing cream- All that you need in a cream. It is lightweight yet it gets the job done to moisturize and hydrate the driest of textures. It was specifically formulated for Naturals who have brittle and dry hair. It is formulated with natural ingredients intended to provide intense moisture to smooth and seal the cuticles and soften each strand. It will give your strands the moisture they need and provide soft, shiny, and manageable hair.

O - An oil can now be used to seal in the moisture you just added back into your hair so that it stays moisturized and continue to feel soft, supple, and moisturized for days at a time.

For this step, you can use your favorite oil for sealing, however, we have something coming down the pipeline just for you! Stay tuned!



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Dominique McInnis
Dominique McInnis
Thanks so much for sharing. Definitely try to incorporate the LOC Method for me and my daughters. I love how you listed your products as ideas for us to utilize. Thank you! Can’t wait to order.

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