Product Spotlight: Cleansing Co-Wash

Product Spotlight: Cleansing Co-Wash


What is co-washing?

Co-washing refers to the process of cleansing ones hair with a conditioner. This is used as a way to lift dirt and build up off the hair without fulling stripping it and losing moisture.

This has become popular in the natural community for it's moisturizing and conditioning benefits. As many folks with curly hair often struggle with moisture retention, this is a great way to combat that. Sometimes our hair doesn’t need to be fully cleansed with a shampoo, it just needs a quick cleanse that still retains moisture.

Strands of Faith Cleansing Co-Wash is not similar to regular conditioners. It is specially formulated to be a gentle cleanser without the harsh sulfates and drying agents used in regular shampoos. It is great for the naturalistas who dislike using shampoo more than one time within the week or if they swim or workout often. This Co-Wash should not be used if your hair is weighed down with a lot of products; it is better to use the shampoo bar.

Benefits of Co-washing:

Gently cleanses hair: The co-wash is not hard on the hair. As it is formulated without sulfates, it does not strip and does not leave hai feeling dry and brittle.

Provides rehydration: Sometimes our hair isn’t ready for a full shampoo but you’re wanting to open the follicle to let in some water and hydration. The co-wash is a great way to do this while conditioning and softening the hair.

Helps retain moisture: Those of us with curl hair can often struggle with retaining moisture so any opportunity to moisturize the hair (without over saturation) is typically welcomed. This co-wash allows you to retain much of the natural oils and moisture in your hair.

Who is this great for?

- Folks who struggle with dryness

-Athletes and people that swim often

-When the hair is not super weighed down

-Those that cleanse their hair often but don't want it stripped

-Anyone looking to retain moisture during their wash!

How to get the best out of your cowash

  • Saturate strands in the shower and apply Co-Wash throughout the length of hair.
  • For thicker textures, section first before applying to ensure every strand is penetrated.
  • Using fingers or palms, massage to mix with water until hair is clean.
  • For best results, add additional moisture and hydration with the Intense Deep Treatment.

You can check out more information on purchasing your own cleansing co-wash here:

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