Top Tips For Combating Dry Scalp

Top Tips For Combating Dry Scalp


We have all been there. You go to scratch that itch on your head and start to see a snowstorm before your eyes. It begins to rain down dry flakes onto your shirt,  desk, etc. You look around and hope no one sees. 
Or how about you take off your black blouse at the end of the day and there is a white powder sprinkled around your collar. Or our favorite, you’ve just finished your wash day,  you’re working on styling and as you part your hair run across patches of build-up or dandruff flakes. You think to yourself “...but didn’t I just wash my hair?”

Dry scalp is so common and yet something many of us don’t talk about. So let’s get into it! We’ve listed our top tips on combating a dry, flakey scalp.


This is a key piece that many folks are missing. Flaking can be a sign of dry scalp and lack of hydration. The best place to get hydration is water. Many people with curly hair have a love/hate relationship with water. Water on your scalp can help with health, hydration, and stimulation of the scalp. This can come from a wash day or spraying with a bit of water from a spray bottle. Hydration should come from the inside as well. How much water are you drinking daily? Increasing your daily water intake is a great way to improve scalp health and body functioning overall. 64oz is typically the minimum but this can vary based on age and weight. 


Sometimes we just need to say ‘out with the old and in with the new’. A deep cleansing can help to strip the hair and scalp of all of it’s build up to make way for all the hydration and love you want to pour into it. A detoxing clay wash can do just that! Stripping away the dirt and dry skin while providing a deep penetrating cleanse and bringing the scalp area back into balance. Think of it as a reset button for your hair. 

Oiling Your Scalp

This tip is more of a warning. Many naturals focus on finding what oils work best for their hair type. Oils can be great for stimulating growth and hair health for sure.  However, there seems to be an over emphasis on oiling your scalp and not enough emphasis on hydrating. All oils are sealing oils. They are great for making sure the moisture and hydration we’ve just put into our scalp and cuticles is locked in. However, should you put oil on an already dry scalp, you are essentially sealing in dryness. Over use without added hydration may also produce dry, flakey scalp. The oil itself can provide nutrients but it can be more effective if some sort of hydration, such as water, is applied prior to. You can read more about this here


Seek Professional Help

Many scalp flaking problems can be aided with the above tips but it’s important to note when things are more severe. Large flakes with the presence of an oily or scaly scalp, commonly known as dandruff, can be a sign of fungal infections, dermatitis, hormonal imbalances, stress, or other medical conditions. There are many over-the-counter dandruff remedies but extreme dandruff should be seen by your dermatologist.
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