Why You Should Be Deep Conditioning Your Hair

Why You Should Be Deep Conditioning Your Hair


Chances are if you are reading this you are really interested in the topic. Or, you are trying to understand the need for deep conditioning your tresses every week because you don’t have much time to get it down. Deep conditioning your hair weekly is as important as brushing your teeth twice a day. Consider deep conditioning like your weekly rejuvenation treatment for your hair since your last wash day and to maintain your hair until your next wash day.


It’s the weekend and we have styled our hair for the upcoming week into a twist out. We unraveled our twists on Monday and have worn them until Friday. Throughout the week individuals have been touching and playing in our hair and telling us how much they love it. Our hair has rubbed against our clothing, car seats, work seats, and so much more. Also, we have walked in the sunshine and other elements that the weather decides to throw at our hair. You have applied different products such as leave-ins, dry shampoos, oils and possibly gels to your mane. Once the week is over your hair is weighed down by a lot of products, elements from the environment, and likely suffered breakage, split ends or even single strand knots. Your crown is weathered, torn, and sometimes even damaged. This is why it needs a rejuvenation treatment for the upcoming week ahead. This treatment is called Deep Conditioning.


Deep conditioning is considered a rejuvenation and revitalizing treatment for our natural curls. Our hair goes through a lot form the tools, techniques, and products that we use. Hence, it needs a weekly boost to stay working towards the ultimate hair goal, which is healthy hair.

 The benefits of deep conditioning include:

- It balances the moisture and protein in our hair strands also called elasticity. If our elasticity is poor, our curls start to limp, we experience significant breakage, our hair is always dry, or it doesn’t shine as it did before. Consistently deep conditioning provides our hair with the moisture and protein that it needs. The moisture will keep our hair strands hydrated for an extended time. Also, the protein will repair any damage that our hair has suffered to keep it strengthened.

- It repairs chemical or thermal damage. Many naturals have boasted that deep conditioning has brought their curls back to life. It is the fortifying ingredients within the product being consistently applied to your curls that have aided in repairing it from irreparable damage. The continuous boost of vitamins and minerals has slowly brought the hair back into an optimally healthy state.

- It improves the overall health of our hair. Deep conditioning your hair regularly will increase the optimal health of your hair. It will improve the shine, reduce breakage, prevent split ends, improve moisture, stop single strand knots, and reduce bald spots and so much more. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary if you desire to reach the goal of having healthy hair.

Strands of Faith - Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment:

Our deep conditioning treatment is worth every dollar. It is formulated to work for Type 3 and 4 Naturals whether your hair is kinky, coily, or even curly. It contains PH balancing ingredients and is free of harmful ingredients. There are no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates, formaldehyde, and silicones! Therefore, it is a fortifying product for your hair by providing with the nourishment it needs to enhance the longevity of your hair. This treatment is a blend of different oils, healthy alcohols, butters, creams, glycerin, and protein that rejuvenate your hair strands.

The featured oils within this treatment are Orbingnya Oleifera (Babassu Seed Oil), Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui Nut Oil), and Adansonia Digitata (Baobab Seed Oil).

Babassu Seed Oil: Has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties like most essential oils thus making great for improving the health of our scalp. Scalp health is important because it improves sebum production, which is needed to moisturize and strengthen our new growth. In addition, it promotes smoother ends by keeping the cuticle layers closed to prevent moisture loss, which may result in frizz and breakage.

Kukui Oil: This oil contains linoleic acid. This is a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid that is mostly found in plant oils that are great for restoring moisture to our parched strands. Also, it imparts shine needed to enhance the natural gloss or sheen of your hair strands. 

Baobab Oil: Baobab oil is an uncommon oil within the natural hair community, but it should be more popular. It is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F that aids in rejuvenating your hair strands on a molecular level especially if they are damaged. Thus, improving the elasticity of your hair strands.

This treatment can be used as a moisturizing treatment. It contains the perfect blend of which is needed for your hair to optimally thrive.

How To Use:

After shampooing and conditioning, or co-washing your hair, you should apply the deep treatment to thoroughly rinsed hair. You would apply to your hair from root to tip once it wet or damp in the shower in sections and work it in. The longer the hair then the more sections you will need. Or, if you have is of a finer hair texture then you may not need to section your hair at all. Ensure that the treatment is evenly coated on every strand on your scalp using the praying hands' method or Denman brush. Also, ensure to put some extra product on your ends since this part of your ends is the oldest, driest and most prone to breakage, splitting and single strand knots. Next, place your hair into a low or high bun or even twists. Then, place a shower cap, plastic bag or even a deep conditioning cap on your hair and let it sit for no less than 20 minutes. You can leave it on for a longer time if you so desire as long as it fits into your schedule. The cap/bag aids in creating heat beneath it for our hair. Also, the buns or twists are creating heat since the hair is all clumped together. The hot air will lift the cuticle layers so that the minerals and vitamins penetrate the hair shaft with the moisture, shine, and protein needed for your hair strands. During the time you are letting the deep condition work its magic on your hair, you can shower, clean the house, start the laundry, wash up the plates or even catch up on some work missed during the week. After 20 minutes, you would rinse thoroughly using cold water. The cold water will close the cuticle layers to prevent moisture from leaving your hair strands.

Many naturalistas have benefited from deep conditioning their hair every week. It has significantly improved the moisture and length retention, which improves the overall health of your hair. Our end goal should be to bring our hair to an optimally healthy condition and deep conditioning offers just that.

Have you started using our Intense Deep Conditioning treatment? Let us know in the comments below how it has worked for you.



patricia jenkins
patricia jenkins
Yes I have started using the intense deep conditioning treatment. I love it, 1. it smells great,

2. my hair was so soft and manageable. 3. It felt so moisturized. I will now be deep conditioning every 2 weeks for sure. I love your products.

Again, thank you.

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