Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

It’s just about that season- Protective style season! Well, the truth is, all year long is protective style season. We love keeping strands protected and moisturized all year long. But the season is upon us when the temperatures drop, the indoor heating shoots up and the wool hats come out. 


Colder weather makes for pretty harsh conditions on the hair. Exposure to extreme elements can make our hair go through a lot of changes. This is why many turn to low-tension protective styles to weather the winter.  On top of that, indoor heating will soon be on full blast. This sort of dry air can dry out our hair just as it dries out our skin. Dry hair is a lot more prone to breakage and shedding. This can make it extremely hard to retain length in the winter months.  We’ve provided some tips to keep your strands safe this winter. 

Wear satin-lined caps

One sneaky culprit for drying out hair in both protective and non-protective styles is clothing. Bringing out the wool sweaters and hats can cause hair to be in constant contact and friction. This can easily dry out hair if we are not careful. Finding a good satin-lined cap or wearing a scarf under your hat can be a huge help. 

Up your water intake

Indoor heating and the dry air outside are a perfect combination for dry skin and dry hair. It can be great to up our water and fluid intakes in the colder months. Staying hydrated can help keep your body and hair more hydrated. Pro tip- This can also help with your immune system! 

Take care of your protective styles

If you are opting for protective styles this year, be sure to maintain them throughout the season. Adding a boost of moisture with the SOF Conditioning Refresher Spray throughout your strands every few weeks can help keep hair from drying out.

Nourish Your Scalp

We need to ensure we are keeping our new growth healthy and strong in those protective styles! Nourishing the scalp with a bit of oil can help keep hair/new growth supple and soft. Be sure you are using an oil that is specifically formulated to soften, stimulate, and nourish. 


Moisture Retention Products

The winter months are the best time to ensure your hair is fully moisturized and that the moisture lasts! Use water-based moisture retention products to help seal in moisture against the elements and ensure your moisture lasts longer. 

You can check out Strands of Faith's bundle deals this season for all your cold weather hair care needs!

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