Every Decision Counts

Every Decision Counts

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How many decisions do you think you make a day? 10? 100? 1,000? We make thousands of decisions every single day.  From the time we open our eyes to the time we go to sleep. Each and every one of them is important. 

However, we often focus on huge life decisions more than anything. Where we want to live, the sort of person we want to marry,  the goals we want our children to accomplish in their futures, our own careers, or even the hair length we want. We rarely consider the small decisions that lead to those.
Before deciding the type of spouse we want, do we ever consider the type of spouse we want to be? And the steps we need to take to become that person? Before deciding that we want our children to go to Harvard, do we consider how we are supporting them even when they make mistakes as children?

These are the everyday decisions. These are just as important as the large ones we set our eyes towards. The small everyday decisions are what prepare our hearts and minds, they teach us discipline. When we think about our walk with Christ, He presents us with daily decisions to show up for Him. We often focus on the miracles we expect but what are we doing each day to prepare for those? Are we deciding to start our days exalting His name? Are we spending time in the Word daily?  Are we praying for wisdom and discipline?


He is calling us to be consistently in love with Him. Consistently making strides and making decisions that bring us closer to Him and what He has promised. Consistently building our prayer practice, consistently sharing His goodness with others, consistently trusting Him with our finances. 


These build and put us on the path to those large goals and decisions. So what is He calling you to be consistent in this season?

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