Reflecting on Your Growth

Reflecting on Your Growth

We’ve spoken before on this blog about taking time for ourselves. We spend a lot of time pouring into others, as we should. However, every now and then it is okay to take time to focus inward. Today we’re talking about reflecting in our growth in the Lord.

Our walk with Him should be a dynamic one that is growing and changing as we are. Each day we can strive to be a better version of ourselves and grow in Him. 

Here are a few suggestions on reflecting on your growth:

Journaling Practice

A purposeful journal practice is a great way to think, reflect, and plan. With journaling, there are a multitude of approaches. Many prefer free writing, but there are also books with daily or weekly prompts to explore. These prompts help you to reflect on different areas of your life in a constructive and productive way. 

A trusted spiritual mentor

It’s an incredible idea for each of us to have a mentor or trusted friend. Someone who knows us well and wants to support us in our spiritual walk.  Having coffee with this person every few months to talk about goals, struggles, and asking them candidly about how you’ve grown can be an eye-opening experience. 


Write down goals and revisit them

Each year many of us write down new years resolutions. We suggest making some of these spiritual goals. We also suggest they not only happen once a year. Any time is a great time to write down where you want to be in your walk with Christ. Put these in a place you can see them and revisit them every so often. 

Remember that your walk with him does not have to be stagnant or boring. Your own growth is important and an integral part of becoming the person you were called to be.

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