We Will Experience Trials

We Will Experience Trials

At times it can seem like the world is against us and everything is going wrong. We have all had those days, weeks...sometimes years. At times it can seem like we are all alone and that God is nowhere to be found. This can cause us to wonder ‘why’? But in that ‘why’ never forget that it is normal in our walks to go through trials.

We often forget that God never said that there would not be a struggle. He never said we would not experience difficult and dark times. He says that we will endure trials, challenges, and difficulties in our lives. However, He did say he would bring us through it.

If we look to scripture, there are many instances of people going through a trial or a figurative (and some literal) wilderness.

There can be many reasons for our trials and tribulations.

So we can grow: There are so many areas in which we can grow; In our faith, in our love for others, in our understanding for those that are different, in our level of surrender to Him, in patience, and so on. Remember that He is our Father and wants to see us become the very best version of ourselves.



To be a living testimony: We have all heard miracle testimonies that inspire us. Whether that’s a couple believing for a child, recovery from illness, or financial breakthrough. We hear these stories and they are a testament to God’s goodness, grace, and faithfulness. These stories inspire us to believe and to grow in our faith. Perhaps this low point you’re experiencing is a tool for God to inspire others and bring them closer to Him.


To bring us back to himWe have a tendency to let our own egos get in the way of our relationship with God. It’s so easy to slip into the habit of believing that everything we have is all because of us. We start tooting our own horns and forget that we are nothing without Him. He is the one that has brought us this far. Sometimes our trials are a way of leading us back to Him and remembering where our strength comes from.


To prepare us for what’s next: This is a big one. Perhaps you’re feeling like people are leaving, struggling with a job, etc. We pray for blessings but sometimes those blessings require us to get rid of other things. Things that could block our blessing or have no place in our next level. If you feel like you’re losing relationships, or an opportunity has fallen through, this may be His way of telling you to make way for what He has in store.

When it seems we have nothing left, remember that this will pass and you have the Creator of heaven and earth supporting you through this.

So we would like to encourage you, that even in these times of chaos that He is with you. If you are facing challenges and would like us to pray for you, feel free to comment or send us a message.


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