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(Clay of Faith) Holy Grail Collection Bundle + Shampoo Bar, Oil, and Miracle 3-N-1 Clay Wash

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Conditioning Refresher Spray (8 oz): Instantly revive and hydrate your strands, leaving them feeling refreshed and full of life.

Moisturizing Cream (12 oz): Dive into deep hydration with our Moisturizing Cream, designed to quench your hair's thirst and leave it silky smooth.

Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz): Nourish and detangle your hair with our leave-in conditioner, making styling a breeze.

Twisting Butter (8 oz): Achieve defined and luscious twists with our creamy Twisting Butter, perfect for all your styling needs.

Cleansing Co-Wash (12 oz): Gently cleanse your hair without stripping its natural oils, promoting a healthy scalp.

Intense Deep Treatment (8 oz): Treat your hair to a spa day with our Intense Deep Treatment, leaving it revitalized and strengthened.

Shampoo Bar (4 oz): Experience the convenience and eco-friendliness of our Shampoo Bar, formulated to gently cleanse and purify your hair.

Stimulating Sealing Oil (4 oz): Lock in moisture and add a brilliant shine to your hair with our Stimulating Sealing Oil.

Miracle 3-N-1 Clay Wash (8 oz): Restore your hair's natural balance with our Miracle 3-N-1 Clay Wash, designed to cleanse, condition, detangle, and rejuvenate.

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Our products are handcrafted with love, care, and faith. We strive to produce a quality product each and every time just for you because you deserve the vey best!

This Bundle Includes

This Bundle includes the entire Holy Grail Collection: (for full product details, view individual products)

1 Conditioning Refresher Spray (8 oz)

1 Moisturizing Cream (12 oz)

1 Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz)

1 Twisting Butter (8 oz)

1 Cleansing Co-Wash (12 oz)

1 Intense Deep Treatment (8 oz)


1 Shampoo Bar (4 oz)

1 Miracle 3-N-1 Clay Wash (8 oz)

1 Stimulating Sealing Oil (4 oz)

    (Clay of Faith) Holy Grail Collection Bundle + Shampoo Bar, Oil, and Miracle 3-N-1 Clay Wash

    "My desire is to encourage you to boldly walk in your faith and to know that your beauty is found within."

    Ameka, CEO

    I created SOF because I wanted to bring clean beauty products to the market for textured hair. I realized that most mainstream products had harmful ingredients such as parabens.

    After tapping into my research background, I took to my kitchen to formulate the products that you love today. It is my hope that you appreciate and love your texture for each of your strands are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Why More Than 40,000 Blessties Love Strands of Faith?


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