Strands of Faith is a faith-based natural hair brand. The main focus of our products is to deliver moisture to the strands which in turn will promote length retention and growth due to the strands being less likely to have breakage. Though our Holy Grail Collection is catered to Type 4 Naturals, the products can be used by all naturals. We decided to market it specifically for Type 4 hair to help fill the void on the market with a lack of representation for this group as our founder herself is also a Type 4 Natural.

Our name arose by our founder combining the words-- hair (strands) with her strong belief (faith) and the name Strands of Faith was born. The motto that followed was: “Faith it ‘Til You Make It”. In other words, faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. So, if your desire is to have stronger, longer, fuller, or healthier hair etc. then just believe it and it shall come to past!