Hair Butters Vs. Custards: What's The Difference?!

Stylers are very important products to have in your natural hair regimen. They will usually make or break your hairstyle. They provide the thick or soft hold needed to enhance your curl pattern and avoid frizz. Different stylers are used to achieve different styles. Type 3 and 4 hair work best with custards, cream, and butters. They retain the hydration that’s needed while providing the hair with the hold it needs to achieve the desired style. Custards are thicker in their consistency and have similar properties to gel. Hence, custards are recommended for wash and gos. For a wash and go you need thick hold to hold the shape of your natural curls. While butters are recommended for low maintenance hairstyles such as twist outs, braid outs or even mini twist. Butters as the name suggest is “buttery”. The texture and consistency are very soft and supple since it is made up of a lot of oils and butters. The cream aids in conditioning, retaining, and providing a soft hold to your hair. These products can be used on damp, wet or even dry hair before styling.

Here are our product recommendations for your custard and butter:

1] Strands of Faith Twisting Butter:
We created the twisting butter for your twist or braid outs. These styles are very low manipulation; therefore, they last longer without needing to be spruced up. They are perfect for naturals with kinky, curly or even coily textures. Many of our customers have boasted that they have gotten over 9 days of moisturized hair by using our butter. Not only will it provide moisture, but also your hair will be softened, shinier and much easier to handle.

Each of our products is formulated with ph-balancing ingredients. And they are made with certified organic oils. Therefore, you know that your hair is truly benefiting from all of the minerals and vitamins. They are also free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum silicones, and so much more. These chemicals will take away the natural moisture from our scalp that is needed to moisturize the new hair growth that is being pushed throughout hair follicles. The twisting butter contains a blend of oils, butter, hydration and ingredients that provide the soft hold that you are looking for.

Water and Aloe Vera Juice are included for hydration. The slippery elm provides the soft hold needed to maintain the twist/braid-out for the style to last. Also, it contains Cupuacu and Shea butter, which are sealants for the moisture that was previously added to your hair with the cream or water. In addition, it contains Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, and Jojoba Oil. These oils provide the hair with many benefits such as moisture, added strengthen, reducing frizz, and boost sebum production within our scalp.

The key oils used within the butter are:

Babassu Oil // This anti-inflammatory oil will penetrate beneath the hair follicles and release the minerals needed to soothe your inflamed scalp. Thus, preventing your scalp from suffering from hair issues caused by free radicals, promoting hair growth and boosting sebum production. A healthy scalp is needed to help you to achieve the goal of having healthy hair. And as such, this oil will help you get there.


Kukui Oil // This oil contains linoleic acid which will penetrate your hair strands to impart moisture into the parched areas. Also, it will provide extra sheen to enhance “the natural” sheen that your hair has.

Baobab Oil // Last but not least is the Baobab Oil. This oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids that will create a film on your hair strands. This acts an emollient and slip agent, which will reduce your knots and tangles to make detangling easier.

How To Use - For A Twist/Braid Out:

1 – After moisturizing your hair, apply twisting butter to the specific section.

2 – Next, work in the products using your fingers or Denman brush to ensure that the strands are evenly coated.

3 – Then, twist or braid section of hair until complete.

4 – You can let it air dry or dry overnight using our Irreversible Satin Bonnet.

For superb results, ensure to twist/braid each section tightly for a more defined hairstyle.

2] Moisturizing Styling Custard:

The custard was formulated with natural ingredients to enhance your natural curl pattern. And as such, we recommend it for your wash and go. It contains the hold needed for your wash and gos to last. Also, it will provide the hydration and sheen needed to enhance your curl definition.

Each product is handmade with natural ingredients that work well with your hair type. Our hair responds very well to the use of natural products. Hence, we have chosen the best organic ingredients in this formula to give your hair the best results. The product is going to “enhance” your natural pattern according to how your hair is already shaped.

Ingredients include water for hydration, oils and butters to seal in the moisture and waxes to provide the hold for each curl. Water is the first ingredient, which indicates that the custard will keep your curls hydrated throughout the life of the
style. Also, the key oils in the custard are the same as the butter. The Babassu Oil will significantly improve the health of your scalp. In addition, the Kukui Nut oil will impart moisture and shine to your strands. And the Baobab Seed Oil adds the slip agent needed to make your hair more pliable for the upcoming style. The custard also contains shea butter, which will seal in the moisture added by the water (which is the first ingredient). Finally, it contains sodium carbomer, carnauba wax and beeswax. If you are not familiar with any of these ingredients, these are what give the product the hold and shine needed for your curls to last. Sodium carbomer thickens the mixture to create the gel-like consistency. The Carnauba wax also called Brazil Wax/Palm Wax thickens the mixture as well. It is usually combined with beeswax because it is brittle to be used by itself. It provides the gloss finish, thickness of the custard and long-lasting hold.

How To Use - For A Wash & Go:

1 - After moisturizing your hair, ensure that your hair is still damp or even wet.

2 – Apply a small amount to each mini section of your hair and then finger comb it to evenly spread the product throughout the section.

3 – Then, finger coil each of the strands until your entire head is completed.

4 – You can let it air dry or dry overnight using or our Irreversible Satin Bonnet.

We have curated each of these stylers with the health of your hair in mind while you wear your favorite hairstyles. They are infused with organic ingredients that have been proven to nourish the scalp with the nutrients needed to improve the health of your hair. Although the products are of a high quality, the price is extremely affordable. The custards and butters are both great products, and both can be used within your natural hair regimen.

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