Embrace Your Texture. Believe in You. #KeepTheFaith

Glamorization of Certain Hair Types Stops Here!

I created Strands of Faith because I felt that certain textures were more glamorized than others and because I wanted clean formulas that would moisturize my kinky strands for more than one day at a time. Glamorization of certain textures have been seen time and time again throughout society. I grew up relaxing my hair like many other black women and never had the opportunity to experience my true texture.

And not to mention, straight hair was often seen as the standard of beauty whereas kinky textured hair was seen as unprofessional and unkempt.

When I decided to return natural in 2006, it was important for me to take pride in celebrating my natural hair texture. I created an Instagram where I documented my hair journey and inspired many other women to do the same. Along the journey, I learned so much about the gap in the beauty industry with the lack of high quality products being catered towards textured hair. 

Who better understands our hair than a person with our texture!

Products made specifically with textured hair in mind have always been an afterthought.

I knew that we deserved high quality formulas that were effective for our hair so I was intentional about creating products that would give you full confidence to flaunt your beautiful and unique strands.

My formulas are created to give you insane length retention, out of this world moisture, and increased growth.

No mass production or private labeling. Formulas made in house.

Having worked in a cancer laboratory, I had the honor through my research project, to formulate a nanoparticle delivery system which was aimed to deliver an anti-cancer drug to kill cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.

This skill transitioned over and gave me the knowledge to create formulas where I could control every ingredient that goes inside each product. You can rest assured that I am always innovating and creating with your best interest in mind to give you nothing less than the quality you deserve.

*Working in oncology (cancer) research laboratory in 2010

No Sulfates or Silicones

No more toxic formulas with ingredients such as Imidazolidinyl urea and Parabens which have been linked to causing cancer. And to take this even further, I have chosen not to use sulfates or silicones in our formulas.

Sulfates are extremely drying for textured hair and silicones do nothing for the health of the hair. Our focus is on healthy first, styling second!

I am extremely passionate about your journey!

So much so, that I test each and every formula on my own hair before it ever becomes a product for sale.

I take pride in creating products for you and I am grateful that you have allowed me to be part of your journey!

Why Faith?

Additionally, not only am I grateful to be part of your hair journey but I am also grateful to be part of your faith journey!

When I created SOF, it was important for me to build a brand that would provide impact beyond hair care. I wanted to present a brand that would also provide an experience. And that experience is one of reminding you to keep faith at the forefront of everything that you do.

I’ve experienced a great deal of trauma in life at the hands of past relationships and simply not knowing my worth. Growing up, I had self-esteem issues and insecurities that followed me throughout my life but I never stopped going!

Texturism is Real!

Interesting story as it relates to straight hair being seen as the standard of beauty.

In 2009, I did my second Big Chop as a result of getting another relaxer and cut my long straight hair to ~2 inches in length. I was communicating with a guy friend and upon finding out that I had chopped off all of my hair, he proceeded to “politely" tell me to hit him up when my hair grew back. Ironically, he ended up later hitting me up once my hair grew back and was longer but I digress…

This is precisely one of the reasons why I believe that textured hair should receive top tier treatment and exposure because Texturism is real!

The standard of beauty starts within. Society no longer has a say in what is deemed as beautiful when you decide to fully embrace your own beauty found within. 

And this is why I am on a mission to amplify this message!

Holistic Care

However, through it all, it was my FAITH that kept me. It was my faith that kept me going. It was my faith that gave me the hope and strength to keep going even when mentally I didn’t know if I was going to make it.

Such a small concept but such a mighty solution. This is the reason why Strands of Faith is more than just a beauty brand. I truly care about your mental health and your soul. I guess you can say that we take a holistic approach to beauty. 

I care about your faith journey because I know firsthand how powerful it can be. When you have nothing else, you will always have your faith.

So when you use Strands of Faith products, know that you're not just taking care of your hair - you're taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. 💚

Mustard Seed Faith

“🌱This was a moment.

I got this mustard seed this past week from @strandsoffaith and this morning when I woke up I was in my feelings.  I was trying to push through some of the weight and decided to go for a walk.

God spoke to me through this mustard seed as it kept reminding me every time I looked at it that my faith - about healing, my faith - about restoration, my faith - about breakthrough, my faith - about love, my faith - about forgiveness, my faith about my life only needed to be 👌🏿 this big for the mountains of uncertainty and stress and worry and doubt and fatigue and loneliness and trauma and disappointment and betrayal and all else that my mind will replay over and over to MOVE. (Matthew 17:20) ☺️

I was so happy every time I held this bottle with the seed in it!  It brought me such joy and hope and delight. Because I believed and I knew that God sent this to me to remind me.  He sent me this seed in this bottle to tell me that His Word will not return to Him void. (Isaiah 55:11)

I put the bottle in my pocket and would take different pictures on my walk and every time I did I smiled SO BIG!

Then when I reached into my pocket I took out the bottle and something dropped out on the street, but I still had the bottle...only to look down and realize it was empty! 😭I was soooooo hurt!  I cried (luckily I had my sunnys on) but I was really heart broken! 💔  I searched EVERY WHERE on the inclined street  trying to find this seed but I could not find it.  As I searched I asked God 'Why would you let this happen?  It was my reminder that I thought you sent me.  You knew how much this meant to me!  You knew how much I needed this moment!  Why?' When I finally came to accept 💆🏿‍♀️that I would not find the seed I, still talking to God, said 'ok God if I can't find the seed then let me at least find the lesson.' ...and then God said this, 💝, "The seed was sent to you to show you and remind you of #faith but it was not sent for you to keep in a bottle.  In a bottle, it only benefits you.  Once you have what you need it must be released and shared. Then it will grow and produce MORE SEEDS. 🌳 I didn't need you to keep the seed...I needed you to plant it." -iamlydiaelle