Our handcrafted formulas aid in healthy hair and scalp enhancing retention of moisture, length, and overall healthy strands!

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Premium hair care products that are effective, non- toxic and moisture elevating!

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Why Our Formulas are Different
Handcrafted, Superb Ingredients, Sprinkled with Mustard Seed Faith!
We pride ourselves on creating the most exquisite and effective products on the market. We don’t use fillers or gunk. Only good ingredients that will nourish your strands and give you the healthiest hair you have ever seen. Check out some of our potent herbs and botanical extracts that are in the formulas you love. Every order comes with a mustard seed inside of a jar because we believe that you can never have too many reminders to simply #keepthefaith
Our Formulator + Founder
Ameka Coleman
Hi Friend! I'm Ameka! I created Strands of Faith because I felt that certain textures were more glamorized than others and because I wanted clean formulas for textured hair.

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