Hair Thinning

Hair loss and hair thinning is a widely experienced occurrence but something we rarely talk about. Much of this is based in embarrassment for both men and women. It can be frustrating to go through hair thinning. There are many reasons that this may be happening and today we would like to highlight a few.  

Hormonal- Our hormones regulate many functions in our bodies that we may not realize. One of these being hair growth. When hormones shift, this can cause thinning in many cases while in others, this can cause unwanted hair growth in other parts of the body. Hormonal changes can be triggered by almost all of the following on this list.

Aging- For both men and women, aging can cause significant changes in our bodies. Skin, nails, energy levels, and more are affected by aging and hair is no exception. The rate at which hair grows begins to slow and the hormones that once kept hair thick, begin to shift. The amount of hair thinning due to age does vary from person to person but is completely normal. 


Stress- This is a big one that not many of us talk about! Our physical bodies respond to what is going on with our emotions and mind. Perhaps you’ve been trying to close on a house for over a year and the stress has been getting to you. Hair thinning can be a big sign to pump the breaks and take some time for yourself. 

Diet- You are what you eat. Our diets control more than just our weight but also our bodys’ chemical responses. Moods, energy levels, happiness, skin quality, and yes, even hair, are all affected by our diets. Being sure we incorporate an array of different healthy foods can help ensure we are receiving the proper vitamins and minerals we need. 


Postpartum- If you’re a mom, you probably already know this. Pregnancy comes with a whole host of new experiences for the body and that doesn’t stop once you’re baby has arrived. Many women experience hair thinning and hair loss shortly after giving birth. A common area to see this is around the edges of the hair. Again, this is normal and happens to many new parents.  

Change in environment/routine- As strong and resilient as our bodies are we still need to treat them with care. Drastic changes in environment or routine can also be a cause of hair thinning. Changes in routine or environment can put our bodies and minds under stress. Perhaps you’ve just moved away for college or stopped your exercise routine. Both are new to your body so it will need to go through a readjustment period. 

Product use- This is one of the more common culprits that is easily fixed. Many hair care products have ingredients that can cause damage to the hair over time. More often than not, they may not be providing the proper moisture that someone with natural or curly hair may need. It is important to assess your products and move towards moisture-retaining products.



Illness- There are countless illnesses that can and do cause hair thinning. From alopecia, heart problems, arthritis, anemia, thyroid disorder…. The list goes on. Unfortunately,  many do not know that they are suffering from these until they start seeing signs of hair loss. It is important to go to annual check-ups to be up to date on what’s going on with your body. 

Causes of hair thinning are varied and it is important to consult a doctor with any excess thinning or shedding. Doctors can help properly diagnose the cause, therefore suggesting treatments accordingly. Some treatments are topical while others may require medication. However, some thinning may slow down/stop, with changes in lifestyles or haircare products. 

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