Summer Styling!

Summer Styling!

Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer and more vaccinations are circulating. Summer is calling! If you’re heading outside this summer, we’re sure you’re already thinking about your hair.

Summer typically comes with more sun exposure to the hair, sweating out edges, plus time at the beach or pool. As these months are busy for a lot of us, there’s the tendency to have low-maintenance hairstyles so we can enjoy fun in the sun. Certain styles can also do wonders for protecting the hair whereas others can cause more damage than they are worth. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer styles! Be sure to tell us which is your favorite in the comments. 

  • Mini or Micro Twists- Known to be a go-to style for founder and CEO Ameka Coleman, micro twists are where it’s at. It’s definitely a labor of love as on average it can take 6plus hours to complete the twist depending on hair length. However, these twists can often last for months. It’s a great way to give your hair a break and yourself! 


  • Cornrows- A simple style that has been passed down for generations is making a style come back as well. Cornrows are fun because they can be done in a variety of different ways and patterns. Good for protection, easy to maintain, fun ways to accessorize, and also great for throwing on a wig.


  • Flat twists- If you want simple and quick, flat twists are going to be your best friend. Traditionally a two-strand twist that is attached to the scalp similarly to a cornrow, this style is easy to learn as a beginner. This style gives a classy, simple, and refined look that you’ll love. 


  • Knotless braids- These are box braid’s younger and better cousin. This style gives you the beauty of box braids with much less tension on the scalp as they do not form a knot at your scalp. Typically lightweight and can be done in several styles. They have been a fan favorite over the past few years and are a ton of fun to accessorize. 


  • Bantu Knots- A bold style but easy to accomplish. This style is a great way to protect your hair and ends and also create bouncy curly waves. Much of what makes this style beautiful is the defined parting styles. If you want to make a statement this summer this is for you!


  • Crochet Styles- These can be a fun way to add length and switch up your look this summer. Crochet styles allow one to attach or crochet hair extensions into cornrows (or otherwise secured hair) underneath. Crochet is also easy to find and very cost-effective. 


Honorable mentions- Wash and Go

Now although this is not a protective style, it can be a great way to introduce hydration to the hair. If you’re someone who is going to be swimming a lot this summer and have the time to do weekly or frequent washes this may be a solid option for you. Why? Let’s say you’re doing a weekly wash and go, you are weekly hydrating your hair with water and giving your hair much-needed moisture. Grab a gentle co-wash, leave-in conditioner, and our styling custard, and GO! Let your hair enjoy the water and warm weather. Just be sure to keep an eye on your ends :) 

As with any style, be sure that you are maintaining your hair underneath. Whether that is a cowash, adding a bit of moisture, or oil- Strands of Faith has you covered this summer. Be sure to check out our bundle deals for all your summer hair needs.  

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