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Growth & Length Retention Bundle

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Are you on a journey to achieve longer, healthier hair while retaining those inches? Look no further than our Growth and Length Retention Bundle, thoughtfully designed to support your hair's journey to optimal health, moisture, shine, and hydration. 

  • Length Retention: Our products are formulated to minimize breakage and split ends, helping you retain the length you've worked hard to achieve.

  • Healthy Hair: Each item in this bundle is crafted to promote overall hair health, ensuring that your strands are strong and resilient.

  • Moisture, Shine, and Hydration: Our products are packed with ingredients that provide your hair with the moisture, shine, and hydration it craves.

2-n-1 Styling Cream: Maintain soft, defined hair with extended twist out life and smooth, hydrated curls.

💦 Hydrating Shampoo: Gentle, hydrating formula prevents moisture loss, reduces dryness, improves elasticity, and adds shine.

🙌🏽 Intense Deep Treatment: Strengthens hair, reduces breakage, adds shine, enhances texture, and prevents dryness.

Quality Products

Our products are handcrafted with love, care, and faith. We strive to produce a quality product each and every time just for you because you deserve the vey best!


🌿 Styler: Experience the miracle of soft and defined hair that lasts for over a week. Our Styler, a 2-in-1 cream acting as a leave-in conditioner and styler, is specifically formulated for textured hair. Infused with natural ayurvedic ingredients, it shapes, holds, and enhances your natural pattern while providing moisture for soft, shiny, and manageable hair. Witness the transformation of your strands with divine grace.

💦 Shampoo: Our amazing Hydrating Shampoo gently removes dirt and adds a radiant shine to your strands. With its divine formula, it helps prevent moisture loss, decreases dryness and breakage, and improves hair elasticity. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to smoother, softer, and detangled hair. Made with textured hair in mind, this shampoo will reignite your love for wash days!

🙌🏽 Deep Treatment: Restore and Rebalance your moisture levels with the power of divine ingredients. Our Intense Deep Treatment works wonders to moisturize your strands and reduce breakage. It improves elasticity, lessens damage from split ends and heat, adds incredible shine and luster, enhances texture, and prevents dryness. When used after our Divine Hydrating Shampoo, it becomes the ultimate treatment, strengthening and nourishing your hair while adding moisture and shine.

Elevate your haircare journey with the Growth & Length Retention. Embrace the beauty and radiance that comes from cleansing, restoring, and styling your hair with divine ingredients. Experience the transformative power of grace and renew your strands with every use.

This Bundle Includes

This Bundle includes:

8 oz Divine Apricot & Fenugreek Hydrating Shampoo
8 oz Shape Apricot & Fenugreek 2-n-1 Styling Cream
8 oz Holy Grail Intense Deep Treatment
12 oz Holy Grail Moisturizing Cream
4 oz Stimulating Sealing Oil
2 oz Blessed Strands Ayurvedic Elixir

    Growth & Length Retention Bundle

    Why More Than 40,000 Blessties Love Strands of Faith?


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