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3 Helpful Hacks For Beautiful & Bouncy Twists You May Have Overlooked

Twists are a staple for natural hair care. 

Not only are they the foundation of natural hairstyles like twist-outs, but they are a simple and classic style on their own.


woman with natural hair styled in beautiful & bouncy twists


You can rock a head full of twists in an updo, wear them loose and swinging, or even use them as a way to flatten your hair underneath a wig. 

Here are 3 helpful hacks for beautiful & bouncy twists that you may have overlooked:


1. Start On Stretched Hair

One way to lengthen your twists, prevent tangles or two-strand knots, and get bouncy twists is to start twisting on blow dried hair.

 To prevent breakage, you can use the tension method and blow dry on low to medium heat. This will combat shrinkage and give you a smooth and beautiful finish.

You can also try twists when your silk press gets old.

black woman with stretched hair 

2. Add Weights To The End

If you’re twisting on freshly washed, soaking wet hair, attaching metal double  prong clips to the ends of your twists can help keep them stretched as they dry for a little more hang time. 

Adding perm rods or flexi rods to your twists for a classic twist and curl can also give you beautiful and bouncy results.



woman using flexi rods for bouncy twists on long natural hair

3. Try Three Strand Twists

The term ‘Two strand twists’ describes the process of wrapping two sections of hair around each other. 

But did you know you can duplicate this process with three sections as-well? 

This method gives you tighter curls with less frizz. Using three strand twists can add more bounce and definition to your style. 


Get Your Bounce On

Rocking bouncy and beautiful twists is the perfect way to protect your strands and keep them looking amazing. 

Whether you’re rocking a loose style and need more curl definition, or need a way to keep your hair stretched and detangled for an extended period of time–twists are a great option.

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