Low Porosity Hair

Low Porosity Hair



Let's continue our dive into hair porosities. Not sure of your hair porosity? There are tons of resources online but you can also check out more information in Ameka Coleman's Ebook (Founder/ CEO of Strands of Faith). Today we’ll cover some important information regarding low-porosity hair. Often those with curly, coily, or very dense hair, assume that their hair is low porosity but that is not always the case. While both high and low porosity hair has moisture struggles they stem from different causes. Be sure to check out our article on High porosity hair to compare.



Low porosity hair describes hair that is lacking in porosity due to the formation of the cuticle. The cuticle along a strand is often very tightly closed in low porosity hair. This is common among folks of many different hair types and often occurs naturally.

Let’s get something straight- there is NOTHING WRONG with your hair if you have low porosity hair. It is sometimes regarded as something negative. It is not! It simply has different needs than normal porosity hair and when cared for properly can thrive as well :)

Tell-tale signs of low porosity hair include the following:

- Is not easily saturated with water

-Water and moisture products tend to “sit” on top of the hair

-Prone to produce build-up

-Prone to dryness

-Difficulty thoroughly moisturizing the hair 

Many of the above are due to the tightly closed nature of the cuticle which can prevent moisture from penetrating the strands. It can be easier to lock in moisture as compared with normal or high porosity hair but getting the moisture in initially is often a challenge. This leads to product build-up since it is not being absorbed by the hair.

A deep conditioning treatment paired with steam or a heated cap is a great way to help moisture penetrate the strand and restore moisture balances. Moderate amounts of heat are shown to lift the cuticle, allowing moisture to enter. Those with low porosity hair may want to consider adding a heated deep conditioning treatment to their normal wash routine to ensure that hair stays soft and hydrated.

When caring for low porosity hair it is important to ensure you’re using the right products for your hair type. There are also products designed especially for low porosity hair. A good rule of thumb is to avoid product build-up by using lighter-weight creams and butters on your hair. A leave-in conditioner or lightweight moisturizing cream can be all you need for moisture products. Be sure to listen to your hair for moisture refreshing. No need to pile on more product if your hair still feels moisturized.

When sealing in moistures, opting for a lightweight oil is a great idea. Oils are sealants that help ensure that all of the moisture you’ve applied stays put for longer. Oils can also provide nurturing benefits to the hair and scalp but be sure not to skip the moisture and hydration steps first.


When it comes to curly, kinky, and coily hair, there are tons of ways to care for and learn about your hair. We are committed to providing you with resources while we celebrate the variety of hair textures in our community. If you have high porosity hair and are looking for products that will work for you, we invite you to check out our Low Porosity Bundle by Strands of Faith. This can be your first step to a happy and healthy hair journey.

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