Promoting Textured Hair Growth and Retention

Promoting Textured Hair Growth and Retention

Stress, diet, and heat can all be factors aiding in hair loss but fortunately these are reversible. There are many products on the market that claim to make hair grow but not every product is designed for textured hair.

The reality is that in order to promote hair growth you need to promote hair health. Noticeable hair growth won’t occur overnight; however, implementing changes both internally and externally, and remaining consistent with a routine will aid in the process of growing your hair. 

1. Cut off split ends 

Although it may seem counterintuitive to cut your hair when trying to grow longer hair, regular trims specifically for your hair regimen are key. Sticking to a schedule of a trim every 3-4 months can keep the hair healthy and promote retention. 

2. Scalp massage 

Textured hair tends to be a dryer hair type due to the spiral and coils of the strands, so moisture is essential. Messaging your scalp regularly with hair oil will give your scalp the stimulation it needs while the oil’s ingredients to help improve blood flow surrounding the follicles. 

3. Dietary influence

Hair growth not only stems from the products we use. There are many lifestyle factors at play as well. Vitamin B7 is the vitamin that aids in keratin production which is what gives hair its structure. Protein dense foods such as fish, almonds, or beans are rich in vitamin B7. 

4.Protective hair styling 

Wearing your hair in the same style everyday can be highly damaging as it puts stress on the same parts of your hair consistently. For textured hair try tying it up into a bun or braids to keep your hair protected, especially at night. 

5. Keeping it hydrated 

To keep hair looking and feeling healthy adding a moisturizing conditioner and a deep treatment to your hair is a must. Our Moisturizing Cream and Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment was designed specifically for dry textured hair. It leaves hair soft and hydrated which supports hair growth. 

Whether you are struggling with hair loss or looking to accelerate your hair growth and retention, including one or all of the above tips into your daily routine can be a great place to start.

If you are looking for products to help promote hair growth via herbs we recommend taking a look at our Blessed Strands Elixir, which is great for all textures and will aid in the promotion of length retention.

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