The LCO and LOC Method

The LCO and LOC Method

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The LOC method is the best moisturization technique for our tresses because moisture is applied and sealed using the order of the letters for the acronym chosen. The LOC method was coined and created by Rochelle Graham [formerly known as Black Onyx on YouTube]. In the past, our hair has always been described as being dry because we did not know how to care for our hair. We did not know that once we moisturize our hair, we need to seal it in. Sealing allows our hair to stay moisturized for an extended period so that our curls are quenched, our hairstyle lasts longer, and it reduces breakage. You can do the LOC or LCO method.  You can apply either liquid, oil and cream [LOC] or liquid, cream then oil [LCO].


Liquid -

L stands for Liquid. If you notice, when our hair comes into contact with water it shrinks up. This is because our parched hair strands have absorbed the water to get hydrated and starts to curl up to our natural curl pattern. Please note that h20 is the best hydration for our tresses. And as such, we recommend the Strands of Faith Leave-In Conditioner where the first ingredient is water.

This leave-in contains a variety of organic ingredients which will improve the health of your hair. It contains aloe vera juice that is rich in minerals and water which also hydrate your hair strands. Also, it contains jojoba seed oil which is the only oil which properties are similar to the sebum produced by our scalp. Therefore, it will keep our new growth and parch strands with the moisture, strength or shine that it needs. The leave-in contains other key oils such as babassu, kukui nut and baobab oil.  Babassu oil contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial microbial which reduces or prevents free radicals from causing the many scalp issues that we face today. The kukui and baobab oil work hand in hand to penetrate the hair shaft and impart moisture, shine and strength to it. And lastly, it contains vitamin e oil which is the ultimate beauty savior. This oil does so much for the health of our scalp by stimulating capillary growth beneath the scalp which promotes new growth, increases sebum production for the new growth, boosting the health of our scalp to improve the natural shine of the hour. 

Hence, the leave-in conditioner will provide your curls with the moisture needed for the L in your LOC or LCO method.


 Oil -

Next, is oil. Do you remember the chemistry/science class where we did the water and oil experiment? Well if you don’t consider this a refresher course. The results of the test always proved true which is that water and oil do not mix. The oil will find a way to sit on top of the water and stay there. And that’s how the oil will react to our hydrated hair form the product used for the “L” in the method chosen. The oil will sit on top of it and trap the h20 molecules. It traps them to sit on our hair strands by keeping the moisture locked in.

Our oil recommendation is the strands of faith Sealing Oil from our Holy Grail collection. It is a perfect blend of essential and natural oils. The oil is free of coconut oil for our Blessties who may be allergic to the oil. The essential oils included are rosemary and peppermint oil. Essential oils improve the health of the scalp because they have antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties. Thus, nourishing the scalp with the minerals needed to improve and maintain the health of the scalp. It will improve sebum production which is needed to neutralize your inflamed scalp, and nourish the new growth that appears from our hair follicles. The sealing oils include castor oil, sweet almond oil, soybean oil, and kukui nut oil. These oils will trap the moisture unto the hair strands by creating a barrier so that it cannot leave the hair. Thus, improving the moisture retention of your hair strands.

A little of the oil goes a long way. To effectively seal in the moisture, you have to apply the oil to damp or wet hair. Then, work it into your hair strands using the praying hands' method. Also, you can encourage hair growth by massaging a few drops into your scalp daily.


Cream -

Lastly is the C which stands for Cream. Creams are made up of a lot of natural fatty acids that will seal in the moisture and transfer benefits to your hair strands as well. Hence, using the cream is considered a double benefit for your hair. You are sealing in the moisture while receiving the vitamins and minerals from the cream unto your hair. In the Holy Grail Collection, you would use the Moisturizer Cream.

The cream is formulated with shea butter. Shea butter is the key ingredient that aids in sealing in the moisture previously added as well as the benefits added from the oil. The shea butter not only seals in the moisture but it is rich in fatty acids that will soften, increase collagen production and cell regeneration. Also, it contains aloe vera juice which aids in smoothing the hair cuticles to reduce moisture loss. This aids in reducing frizz which is usually caused by a lack of moisture. Also, it contains babassu seed oil, kukui nut oil, baobab seed oil, and sunflower seed oil. Each of these oils nourishes the scalp and hair with the minerals that it needs to soften, retain moisture and enhance the natural sheen of our natural hair. 

This lightweight cream will get the job done for even the tighest of textures. You would apply just a little to each section, after applying the liquid. A little goes a long way so no need to go overboard with the product application.

You have to experiment with doing the LOC or the LCO method to see which technique works for your hair porosity and type. In recent times, naturals have now upgraded the method to be LOC-G or LCO-G whereby the G stands for “Gel”. So once our hair is moisturized, you would apply the gel for styling your hair into a wash and go, twist out, braid out, bun, puff and so much more.

 You can even use stylers from the Strand of Faith Collections such as:

 - Moisturizing Styling Custard

 - Twisting Butter


Continuous application of our products to your hair will not cause your hair to flake. Remember that our line is made up of natural ingredients that will always blend well together as opposed to a variety of cheap chemicals that don’t mix well. :)

 Which products form the Holy Grail Collection will you use for your LOC or LCO method?

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