Ameka Coleman is a visionary entrepreneur, serving as the Founder/CEO of Strands of Faith, a clean beauty brand that specializes in nourishing and revitalizing textured hair using cruelty-free and rich ingredients.

Her deep-rooted passion for clean beauty and her mission to offer high-performance products with a focus on textured hair were the driving forces behind establishing her company.

Ameka's journey began on Instagram, where she used her platform to inspire and build a vibrant community. By showcasing her own kinky hair texture, creating stunning styles and tutorials, and empowering women to embrace their natural beauty, she became a trusted voice in the space.

Recognizing the lack of effective hair care options for textured hair, Ameka took matters into her own hands and started formulating and testing products in her own kitchen in 2017.

In 2018, Ameka officially launched Strands of Faith, introducing a brand that prioritizes non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients to promote overall health and well-being. Drawing upon her extensive educational background, which includes a double Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences/Microbiology, a MS in Clinical Research Management, and a Masters in Business Administration, Ameka's commitment to knowledge and excellence shines through in every aspect of her business.

Taking a bold leap of faith, Ameka left her successful career in Clinical Research to dedicate herself fully to her company. Overcoming self-limiting beliefs, she fearlessly pursued her goals and transformed her fear into fuel for success. Through unwavering perseverance, resilience, hard work, and determination, Ameka turned her brand into a self-funded multi-million dollar company, with every step guided by her faith in God and the unwavering support of her family.

Beyond her role as a CEO, Ameka's passion extends to mentoring and supporting other small businesses. With a particular focus on hair care brands, e-commerce ventures, and beauty companies, she generously shares her own experiences and provides invaluable guidance to help others thrive and flourish.

She also has a commitment to making a positive social impact. Strands of Faith partners with Project Impact MS, a nonprofit organization dedicated to positively impacting the lives of youth through mentorship, educational programs, and scholarships. Through donations and offering hands-on experiences, Ameka aims to bridge educational gaps and provide opportunities for high school students, especially in underrepresented communities, to explore STEM fields.

Ameka's impactful journey serves as an inspiration to many. As a devoted mother to four beautiful children and a cherished partner to her supportive husband, she draws motivation from being a role model for her family. Guided by her faith, she strives to leave a lasting legacy and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to ending global texturism and promoting mental wellness and self-love. Through her brand, Strands of Faith, she not only offers clean and effective products for textured hair but also advocates for the celebration of all hair textures. With every product and every message, she aims to empower individuals to embrace their natural hair and fully embrace themselves.

Philippians 4:13, her favorite verse, serves as a driving force throughout her life and resonates in her brand messaging and product line. It reminds her and those she inspires that through God's strength, they can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.This verse encapsulates the spirit of Strands of Faith, where they believe that every individual has the power to embrace their unique beauty and rise above societal expectations. She seeks to empower individuals worldwide to love themselves and their hair unapologetically.