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Give Back

Part of SOF’s mission is to use our resources where we can to help impact our local communities. We have partnered with Project Impact MS because we believe in their mission. 

10% of our net sales during certain promotional periods will go to Project Impact MS. We also support the organization throughout the year with additional donations. 


Project Impact MS is a non-profit organization working to combat education inequity in Mississippi.

“Mississippi is 50th in national student achievement rankings.

Parents and education professionals must join the effort in lessening our gaps in education.  We must recognize current trends and apply those processes when identifying areas of growth in our school systems. Educators must focus on harnessing the power of  technology to reach our students and maximize their strengths. Remember, Education is the bridge that enables learning and knowledge and allows our children to overcome stereotypes and labels while conquering their dreams.” -Project Impact MS

Project Impact MS works to advance education for many of Mississippi's most vulnerable children by providing resources necessary for youth to achieve their educational goals, while also working to enhance communities through collaborations with these communities in obtaining resources and involving community leaders in our outreach.

Change starts with us! This is why we have made it our goal to support organizations who are fighting to make changes within our communities.

When you purchase our products, you are helping to ensure that a child’s future is secure through solid education.


To find out more about Project Impact MS and their initiatives, visit their site here.