Embrace Your Beauty. Believe in You. #KeepTheFaith


Hey Blesstie! It's me Ameka and I'm writing you personally today, because I NEED YOUR HELP!

Why? Because you helped me get to the top 15 in the Nation as a finalist for the Building Resilient Business Contest for a chance to win $100,000!

How did you help? By simply supporting my brand over these last few years and simply believing in me.

I started this thing in my kitchen 4.5 years ago. You probably already know the story of me taking the leap of faith to start my brand. Money was tight in the beginning and resources were limited. I had to use my own personal funds to get my business started. As a result, since I couldn’t afford a leased space in the beginning, once I outgrew my kitchen, I built a shed in my backyard. The good ole “Faith Shed”.

We eventually outgrew the shed and was able to move into a warehouse space. God is so good and so faithful!

In the beginning, I was doing everything and juggling so many roles within the business but my desire and passion to cater to you was the fuel that kept me going. I do all of this because of YOU!

I see you and you see me and it feels like we are a real family!

Since then we have been grateful to be able to grow our small team. We handcraft our formulas in house for you so that you never have to second guess if you are receiving quality products. And we enjoy packing your every order with your own special mustard seed and jar (Highlight of our day).

Although I have been blessed to hire staff, I am still managing and juggling many of the behind the scenes roles myself. My desire and goal is to hire more staff so that I can serve you in every way possible.

This is why winning this $100,000 would mean so much to me and be a great blessing for SOF to receive.

All it takes is for you to cast your vote to help us get to the #1 spot!

Voting is simple and there are no forms to fill out. Simply click this link and click vote! It only takes 5 seconds.

P.S. If you could forward this to 3 of your closest friends and family and ask them to vote, that would be tremendously appreciated!

I have already made this long enough lol so I won’t keep you much longer.

Thank you so very much for your support and thanks for believing in me and SOF.

As always, KEEP THE FAITH! :)

Click here to vote

Faithfully yours, Ameka