Embrace Your Beauty. Believe in You. #KeepTheFaith

Message from our Founder

Hello Faither,

I can’t believe that this is the last day of the year 2021!

This year has been full of changes both expected and unexpected! However, we have persevered! And this has mostly been purely due to the support from our amazing Faithers (customers) like yourself!

With a small business, there are so many moving parts and it takes a ton of resilience, patience, faith, and wisdom to keep one running smoothly for an extended amount of time!

Many businesses have had to close their doors but by the grace of God we are still going strong and we don’t take this for granted at all!

We are not yet a huge company but my goal has always been to operate in a similar manner because you guys deserve the absolute best in products and customer service! We are still a humble team of 3 full time staff and a few ancillary staff members! However, our team is just as dedicated in going over and beyond to make sure that you’re always having an awarding experience! They are the absolute BEST team ever!!!

We appreciate all of you and can’t thank you enough! Thank you for your referrals, purchases, prayers, feedback, encouraging words, and for simply being you!

Furthermore, many of you may also know that we are expecting! This pregnancy has been roughhhhh and has taken me through the valley these last few months lol! Just recently this week I had an overnight hospital stay due to shortness of breath! The hospital was Covid city so I’m still praying that I wasn’t exposed! Overall, all turned out well, I ended up having to get an IV iron infusion!

Said that to say, we would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we prepare to deliver at any moment now! I’m shooting for a VBAC as I don’t desire a C-section but most of all we are praying for a healthy delivery and healthy momma!!!

Furthermore, as we prepare to enter a New Year, I am praying that God’s perfect will will be complete over your life! Whatever goals, desires, visions, thoughts you have for this next year, take the leap of faith and don’t look back! Things won’t always be easy but with faith and action your hopes and desires will come into fruition right before your eyes! I’m rooting for you and wishing you all the best 

Faithfully yours,


P.S. I haven’t taken a picture in a while so I took this makeshift impromptu photo for you! 😝