We are a faith based company built upon solid ethical and moral values. We produce natural, organic, and wholesome products with your health in mind. Our products are handmade with love, great care, and a whole lot of faith! The main focus of our products is to deliver intense moisture into the strands which in turn will promote length retention and growth due to the strands being less likely to have breakage. Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, and mineral oil. We do not test on animals. All of our products begin with testing on our Founder’s hair before it is sent to others for additional testing. We take pride in producing products that fill the void based on our customer’s feedback.

Our Founder created our very first collection, The Holy Grail Collection, with the intent to properly hydrate and moisturize hair for days at a time without having to restyle the hair on a daily basis to retain moisture. Though our Holy Grail Collection is geared towards Type 4 Naturals, the products can be used by all naturals. We decided to market it specifically for Type 4 hair to help fill the void on the market with a lack of representation for this group as our Founder herself is also a Type 4 Natural.

Our name arose by our Founder combining the words-- hair (strands) with her strong belief (faith) and the name Strands of Faith was born. The tagline that followed was: “Faith it ‘Til You Make It”. And our motto is: “faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen”. So, if your desire is to have stronger, longer, fuller, or healthier hair then use quality products, give your hair the care that it needs, believe, and then watch it flourish! Though our initial brand’s focus is on hair products, we truly believe that when you apply the faith principle to anything in life you will be able to overcome any obstacles that life may bring! So as you leave our story, the key takeaway we want you to have is to “Faith It”.


  • To treat our customers with the utmost respect
  • To use only the best ingredients
  • To offer a faith-filled experience
  • To offer quality products based on consumer needs


LOVE/RESPECT:  Treat others like you’d want to be treated.

SERVANT’S HEART:  Lead with what people need.

EXCELLENCE:  Do great things with the gifts you’ve been given.

COURAGE:  Learn, improve, and boldly drive change that matters.

FUN:  Work hard, laugh often.

TEAM:  Together, we’re better.

INTEGRITY: Be who you are and live up to your commitment.

Our Purpose: To glorify and honor God by encouraging women to know that their beauty is found within Him.

Our Mission: To encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. To inspire, instill confidence, and empower women around the world through our brand’s actions and products. To inspire moments of hope and faithimism by creating great content and making a positive difference within our public and online communities.

Our Motto: Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things unseen! - Hebrews 11:1

Our Tagline: Faith it Til’ You Make it!