As Founder and CEO of Strands of Faith, Ameka Coleman received the vision to start the company after taking a big leap of faith and walking into her God-called purpose.  Ameka has been a natural hair enthusiast for years and has always had a burning desire to inspire and encourage women to love the skin they are in and for them to actually believe that they are beautiful by resting in the truth that they were uniquely made in God’s image.

These passions collided and she decided to utilize her background in research and business to formulate natural wholesome products with quality ingredients to cater to the hair community. Her extensive educational background has helped her tremendously along the way in creating quality natural products and building a business from the ground up.

Ameka was determined to create products from scratch with the specific desire in mind to tame her own tresses by keeping it moisturized for days at a time. She researched the manufacturing process and went on to personally formulate each of the 6 products within the collection in which she currently batch make, bottle, and label within her home.

The main focus of the formulated products is to deliver moisture to the strands which in turn will promote length retention and growth due to the strands being less likely to have breakage and to hydrate/moisturize the hair intensely at first application to prevent having to re-moisturize on a daily basis. Though the Holy Grail Collection is geared towards Type 4 Naturals, the products can be used by all naturals. She decided to market it specifically for Type 4 hair to help fill the void on the market with a lack of representation for this group as she herself is also a Type 4 Natural.

Ameka Coleman is a native of Jackson, MS.  After completion of high school, Ameka attended Mississippi State University and double majored in Biological Sciences/Microbiology with a minor in Psychology. Upon graduating MSU, she attended graduate school at the University of North Texas and obtained her Masters in Clinical Research. She later pursued her Master’s in Business Administration.

Ameka’s greatest passion in life is serving and helping others and through her company it will allow her to be able to continue to do so. Her favorite verse is Philippians 4:13 and this verse has been the greatest motivation throughout her life!