Ameka Coleman received a vision to start her own company and walk in her God called purpose.

Around 2013, she started using Instagram to inspire and build a community in which she initially garnished over 27k supporters. Her focus was on creating styles, tutorials, and showcasing her kinky hair texture along with encouraging other women to be fully confident in their beauty. As a Type 4 Natural Hair Enthusiast, she felt some hair types were more glamorized than others, so publicly embracing her texture and showing the intricacies of textured hair was important to her.

In late 2017, she started testing and formulating products from her kitchen. She understood the daily challenges that textured naturals faced with finding hair care products that provided long lasting moisture for days at a time, so she formulated her own product line to cater to the textured hair community—a population of kinky, curly, and coily haired naturals who often struggles with moisture/length retention, shrinkage, and hydrated styles.

In 2018, Ameka officially launched Stands of Faith. For her, it was important to start with a portion of the hair community that resembled her strands since this was the community most often overlooked. However, from the beginning she has alwayshad a heart/mission to expand the brand to also include multi-cultural hair types in addition to kinky textures being that as a collective her mission is to promote self-love.

Now, as the CEO of Strands of Faith, she’s on a mission to teach others how to embrace their God-given strands while promoting self-love, faith, and community.

Tapping into her background in research and business development, she formulated several products within the collection. Ameka also understood the importance of ingredients. She noticed that the majority of products that were marketed towards the natural hair community were many times produced with harsh chemicals that had the potential to cause health issues over time. So, with this in mind, she created Strands of Faith products to be non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals.

Outside of being a natural hair enthusiast for years, Ameka has always had a burning desire to inspire and encourage women to love the skin they are in and for them to actually know and believe that they are beautiful by resting in the truth that they were uniquely made in God’s image.

Ameka is from Jackson, MS. She attended Mississippi State University and double majored in Biological Sciences/Microbiology with a minor in Psychology. Upon graduating MSU, she attended graduate school at the University of North Texas and obtained her Masters in Clinical Research. She later pursued her Master’s in Business Administration.

Ameka’s greatest passion in life is serving and helping others and through Strands of Faith she has a desire to take her mission further. Her favorite verse is Philippians 4:13 and this verse has been the greatest motivation throughout her life!