Limited Edition "Living My Blessed Life" Box
Limited Edition "Living My Blessed Life" Box

Limited Edition "Living My Blessed Life" Box

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This Box is currently SOLD OUT!

This box debuts only twice per year, in March and August! Make sure you sign up to email notification list to be notified first when the next box restocks:


What is the "Living My Blessed Life" Box? It is a box of goodies that allows for the further celebration of living your blessed life! You have had many challenges in life but despite it all you're still "choosing" to "Live Your Blessed Life" 🙌🏽

This box includes: 8 Full Sized Products including our newly desired Miracle Clay Wash, 1 Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel, 1 Wide Tooth Comb, 1 “Living My Blessed Life” Wristband, a “Surprise” Devotional, and a surprise item that you are guaranteed to love! :)

🌱1 Miracle Clay Wash (8oz)

🌱1 Shampoo Bar (4oz)

🌱1 Intense Deep Treatment (8oz)

🌱1 Leave In Conditioner (8oz)

🌱1 Moisturizing Cream (12oz)

🌱1 Twisting Butter (8oz)

🌱1 Refresher Spray (8oz)

🌱1 Sealing oil (4oz)


👳🏾‍♀️1 Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel

🚿1 Surprise Item

💚1 Wide Tooth Comb 

💚1 “Living My Blessed Life” Wristband

💚1 “Surprise” Devotional



This box is valued at $209 but is priced at only $139 with free shipping included!!! Yes, you read that right! That’s a combined $70 savings AND an additional free shipping savings!😱

And not only that! But each person who invests in a box will have a chance to win a cash prize! Once you receive your box, all you have to do is make a 1 minute video explaining what “Living My Blessed Life” means to you and tag #SOFLivingMyBlessedLife!💵💰

Prizes will be as follows:

1st Place- $200

2nd Place- $100

3rd Place- $50

4th Place- Reimbursement of the Box Investment Cost ($139 Gift Card to the Store)

This box is great for our Faith Tribe to re-up at an insanely discounted price or for new customers to give us a try at a fraction of the cost:)

Check out our 1st Edition Box Winners 😍

1st Place- Miss Tyechia

2nd Place Winner- Miss Little Grace

3rd Place Winner- Miss Dominique

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