Microfiber Hair Wrap

Microfiber Hair Wrap

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DRY YOUR HAIR FAST- Our microfiber wrap is made of quality material that does not snag your strands. It is super absorbent and will save you loads of time on waiting for your hair to air dry. The plus is that you can cut down on heat drying with the simple use of this wrap.

LONG LASTING- This wrap is extremely durable and can be washed and reused over and over again.

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES- No matter the hair type or texture this wrap does its job at speeding up drying times on fine, coarse, kinky, curly, straight strands.


Instructions: This wrap is straightforward and easy to use. Simply place the wrap on you head as demonstrated in the picture, twist the remainder, and attach the loop to the system and whaalllaaa. Now you can go about your day and get tasks done without worrying about your hair dripping everywhere. 

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